Chaos Wastes Skin missions not working today?

Hi all,
weird problem here, anyone else facing the same?

i have killed the Grudge Marked Monsters and completed the map.
but there has no any update on the challenges board?

i killed two grudge marked troll, one orge
but the board still showing 0/5,
also Payback Pilgrimage is not working neither
i completed Fortitude 3 times, but its not counting at all

  • 100% killed Grudge Marked Monsters, not normal monsters
  • 100% completed the map (not the entire run, but used to be work even though i just completed the first map, but not working today)
  • Cata run

any idea?

Hey @420percentt
Can you message me your Steam profile so we can take a look at this for you?

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hello, it worked now

what i did this time, i die at second map instead of leave the game,
and it worked.

(but yesterday even though i just leave the game, it should still work once i have completed the map)

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