Chaos Wastes improvement ideas *Poll

First of all I really enjoy this gamemode. It’s interesting, replayable, fun and brilliant, thank you Fatshark! :heart:
I hope that Chaos Wastes will get better over time with multiple updates and additions and here couple of my suggestions.

1) Altar of Mastery
Very rare altar that allow players to choose exact talents from their talent trees for corresponding cost. May appear at later levels (from third to last for example). Interface:

2) Altar of Offer
Common altar that allow players to reroll one random boon for another with corresponding rarity for 75 coins. If you have useless boons you may try to get rid of one of them.

3) Altar of Dice
Common altar that allow players to reroll one random boon for another with random rarity for 100 coins.

4) Altar of Luck
Rare altar that reroll all your boons to random ones with random rarity for 200 coins. May appear at later levels (from fourth to last for example). If you have no build or want a lot of fun you may try to gain some crazy stuff.

5) Lesser Seer’s Altar
Very common altar (like almost twice of Seer’s Altar) that give you one random rare boon for 100 coins. Straightforward variation of existing altar. You may stock random boons to reroll them on Altar of Luck later on expedition to get more exotic and unique talents. Or you could buy a lot of cheap boons to improve your chances at shops, chests and usual Seer’s Altar. Simple altar with additional layer of planning. May look like existing altar but different color.

6) Bot upgrades
Bots should get map rewards and somehow improve their weapon at lest (maybe they could upgrade their weapon when host upgrade his and get random weapons when host get). Now bots waaaay
too useless. :cry:

7) Weapon altars
Two words: duplicate protection. You should not gain same weapon if you buy random one (you should upgrade them instead). You should not gain weapon that you have in another slot (for melee only careers).

8) More information on a map
Allow press Z to investigate your weapons and I to see talents and class perks. Pretty simple and super helpful especially at shops.

9) Chest of Trials
For now chest not a challenge but instapick for loot even on Cata. Make them harder a bit so team should actually consider to pass if they have no extra resources or specific characters. Maybe there could be two bosses (with 2/3 of health?) or boss and guaranteed horde and/or specials wave.

What suggestions do you like?
  • Altar of Mastery (choose your talents)
  • Altar of Offer (random boon for random boon with corresponding rarity)
  • Altar of Dice (random boon for random boon with random rarity)
  • Altar of Luck (reroll all boons for random boons)
  • Lesser Seer’s Altar (random rare boon)
  • Bot upgrades
  • Weapon altars (duplicate protection)
  • More information on a map (investigate weapons and boons)
  • Harder Chest of Trials

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Feel free to comment, discuss and make you own suggestions! It would be super interesting to see what you think.


I voted for bots upgrades and duplicate protection.
To be honest I didn’t really like most of your other suggestions, as they add more micromanagement. If anything i’d reduce the need to spend time rerolling stuff. Also, if you have more controls over your build (like trading all your talents) there would be a bigger power creep, and more people would “complain” that the mode is too easy. This could be a problem for 2 reasons:
1 this mode feel easy with a premade team, but on pub is already hell
2 losing a 1h long run feels worse than losing a 20 min mission, and that can already happen for a variety of reasons (crashes, bad luck, bugged spots, crazy spikes).

A suggestion outside this thread which I liked was making upgrades cost less based on the rarity differential of the weapons. That way you could upgrade progressively and not feel cheated of your coins. (for example upgrading to red - 320 - from green - 80 - could cost 240)

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Thank you for feedback!
I tried to suggest more variety and planning with those changes (like random but with less random actually). More ways to build and play.

This would lead to a dumb “upgrade whenever you see an upgrade” without any planning. For now you should weight: investment immediately or wait and save coins for smth else. That a decision. Mentioned suggestion would lead to a no decision which is bad.

Blue upgrades and blue random weapons are okay in my opinion. But random green weapons should cost like 20 coins to be a considerable pick in my eyes.

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Agreed. Unfortunately currently we have the opposite, where it’s rarely worth the cost upgrading earlier. At most you might upgrade twice, once to blue, then again later to red, but honestly just saving for an orange/red while spending your excess coins on boons/miracles seems like the better choice most of the time.

An in between would be good, something like reducing the cost of further upgrades by x% of the cost of your current weapon. No idea where the sweet spot would be, but probably around 50% would be a reasonable place to start. I think that would lead to more decision making, which would be nice.

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Maybe some power adjustment could work. For example we start from 425 power and green weapons will give us +75 power and a property which is decent upgrade. Game will be just a little bit harder if you want to save your coins.

I disagree with some of you, i like the randomness of the weapon altars, specially because i know how to use every weapon in the game, i can deal with anything the game throws at me but of course, theres a risk of having a crowd control only weapon combo or elite and armored focused weapons, but its also a great way to let players who own the base game try some of the dlc weapons (if they get lucky) and kinda like a drug dealer giving you a free one, once they grow addicted to a specific weapon they might feel enticed to buy the dlc for it, in the end these swedes gotta pay for all the cheese they eat.
I think the only way to improve chaos wastes is to
A) fix some frame rate isues on specific maps, like the mage tower and the city.
B) add even more power ups in the future
C)add more enemies *
D)add more maps*
E)allow bots to pick up powerups

*Of course producing more content costs money, so i sugest fatshark next content for vermin of the tide II be a tried and tested standard content lasagna like back to ubersreik, meaning 3 campaign maps and weapons for everybody, but make said maps cw friendly so the engine can throw them in the pool and use it as it pleases, also heres a million dollar idea: bounties.

Basically deeds but they are like contracts you activate at the start of an expedition to hunt a specific unit inside the cw, in a perfect world, i would love a new unit with several different moves and lines, variations in behavior, but since this is not a perfect world, that could be a boss, could be an elite, could even be a special, but here is the catch, they have extra powers and hp, meaning you could encounter a chaos warrior that moves faster, or casts lightning, throws his hammer like bodvar, a boss that constantly summonrs elites, a blightstormer that can only die to bombs, a sackrat leading a plague patrol, the rewards could be either a purse of shilling/pilgrin coins, some specific power up inside that expedition, extra hp (inside that expedition) a specific weapon of exotic quality, a freaking hat, you got the idea.

Also for future content i hope they stop doing formulaic dialogue, most of the new lines are great except when characters keep asking each other why they worship their chosen god, not because i dislike it but the reply is the same to all of them, specially the ones when they ask what would they be a god of, these are pretty funny but they always close it with “you better stay mortal then” lines wich kinda loses the natural feel that the characters in vermintide 2 have.


I know how to use all weapons too :wink:
But I am not talking about this. When I already have shielded weapon for GK I want another weapon in second slot so I don’t stuck with two bretonian swords and shields (that’s not fun in any mean). Second case when I want to try different weapon in my run, use altar and get (guess what?) same weapon. That’s unfair I think.
I’m talking about that kind of protection.

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The altar I’d want most is a weapon rerolling one, where you choose whether you want to reroll the properties or traits of one of your weapons with a couple uses before it expires.

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I voted for bot upgrades and I’m super glad there are a lot of people who also want that. There seems to be a sizable chunk of players that play exclusively with bots as I do.

Crossing my fingers the next patch will help them out somehow because they go down like Flys in tje citadel on legend and cata.


Yeah, they are pretty decent on Cata in adventure mode and have literally zero impact in CW. That’s damn weird game design decision :grin:

I think playing this new mode made me start thinking of COD’s Nazi Zombies a bit, could be interesting to have a sort of Pack-A-Punch equivalent where the skin would be the same as the glowing weapons skin from the weaves. Like a blessed weapon from your chosen deity to smite your foes. Though that might be better served as a temporary effect.

Also Elder’s thing about bounties is pretty good. Having a superpowered version of enemies would be really interesting. Like maybe have it so it’s like the elite of an elite/special type. Like have a Stormvermin fangleader/clanrat clawleader or a marauder champion. Then their weapon could have a random effect to differentiate them too.

To take that a step further maybe introduce some new maps that are centered around a boss fight. Sort of recycle a few of the bosses from the main game and remix them a bit.

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