Chaos Wastes - Grudge Marks

I admit the thought of Rat Ogres throwing bombs at you Donkey Kong style has something amusing :stuck_out_tongue:

Hard to say what they will come up with. It could be anything from existing monster/special abilities to existing hero abilities or something completely new. Imagine a Shade or Assassin Rat Ogre, going invisible on you. Or a fire breathing Chaos Spawn. Or maybe some simpler attributes.

I would be very surprised about another weapon pack at this point. It is getting increasingly more difficult to find non-used lore weapons and to make them feel unique. Due to the existing pool they either have to invent some completely new niche (SotT Staff) or make it overpowered (the last weapon pack).

I remember this to be a reocurring theme. I think the outfit is possible. The pistols … not.

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Will we get new hats in the emporium (beside the premium ones?). Things got a bit stale there.

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The first impression is good.

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I like the multiple chests opening (up to 5?). That looks interesting. Rest is not my cup of tea but it is stuff which has been asked before (like the Steam Rich presence).

Considering Hedge’s post in the announcement thread for the Grudge Makrs we may also get some QoL for 100 Games challenges. Maybe more?

Yeah its pretty cool I wish they made their own post about so we could tell them how awesome it is their putting out some QoL updates for the game. Hopefully they dont stop here with the QoL changes and keep going with adding more like:

  • Add another chest opening button to do 25 chests at once.

  • Letting us set how much dust to convert down instead of it being in 10 dust increments.

  • Crafting items in bulk.

  • Dismantling items in bulk (changing the default 9 dismantile to 15 and making another option to dismantle 75)

  • Line Changes for Rerolls (so letting you only change 1st stat for 1 green dust and 2nd stat for blue dust and rerolling both stats for the default 1 green and 1 blue dust).

  • Let you join and see what deeds modifiers are being used in the lobby browser.

  • See what twitch settings are being used in lobby browser.

  • Change the character icon in lobby browser to show the career being used for the character.

  • Updating the new Tab layout format to show the sub passives most careers usually have in their kit, showing item traits/properties for the missing necklace/charm/trinket slots as well as weapons/traits, and telling us what talents the other people are using. Probably also put Deed modifiers and twitch settings in the right side part of the play list.

  • Bring back the Mission timer in the player list.

Like these?

oh cool thanks those are perfect

We are looking to expand those challenges to include Chaos Wastes runs and Weaves too.

Very hopeful about it, only reason why I dont play CW is because you cant progress these challenges in there.

Yea, thanks. I am aware of the post. I just wasn’t sure on the timeline for that one. So the “may” refers to the update on the 28th. Still hoping for improvement on the Weeklies which is hindering me the most for playing more Chaos Wastes.

Flail, max crit chance, max crit power, flame storm to keep you in the deep red overcharge, natural bond to keep you over 80% health. She dominant glass cannon melee class.

I use fireball myself. Also make sure to use Blazing Echo. With a purple potion and 55% crit rate it’s almost like double shot for monsters and can take out patrols if you get just a little bit lucky.

I personally hope for the challenges of the 100 missions that in Chaos Waste an expedition counts for 2 or 3 missions.

Considering that it takes 1 hour on average to finish an expedition and when rewarded we have 3 chests, it would be normal that it validates us 3 missions.

But would that be too much to ask? ^^’

[quote=“darewa, post:38, topic:46853, full:true”]
I use fireball myself. [/quote]
Fireball is bugged, it doesn’t damage berserkers. Just saying.

I hope they add some new cosmetics and changes and fixes :skaven:


At least new premium cosmetics are confirmed. Let’s wait if Fatshark has some more surprises for us.

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I guess I didn’t know I never wanted to wear a fish on my head. At least now I’m sure :joy:

Overall they be looking good though :slight_smile:

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Oh my O.o Some of these skins:

  • Battle Wizard looks good. Still not playing that boring class.
  • Zealot looks like a savage, like the just ripped of his clothes
  • Slayer will cause a mini-uproar with those pistol skins but no actual pistols to shoot :stuck_out_tongue: Will also be interesting if his metal leg makes a different sound while walking
  • Handmaiden clothes look also fantastic, the hat less
  • Not sure what to think about Huntsman

To me the skin looks a bit too similar to the base one, slightly more armor which i do like but too similar for what is a premium skin.

And…yeah the hat is an atrocity xd


How did bardin lose a leg, I wonder? XD
BTW the description for the zealot’s new skin is spot on. Before reading it I thought “Hey, those are the zealot henchmen from Mordheim!” :smiley:

Still, I really hope new shilling cosmetics will be available, the Emporium of Wonders has yet to live to its name…

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