Changing map difficulty/reward multipliers from Grimoires/tomes to something more interesting

I searched the forums and couldnt find anyone speaking about how currently only way you are going to increase the difficulty is by collecting grimoires and tomes. The meta of collecting everything also effectively forces you to use Curse resistance. I think you can do more. How about adding a challenge-like event you can complete mid map to get better loot later on? Possible low level modifications could be optional bosses, activatable mutators/debuffs and some more interesting ones could increase the map lenght or open up more ways for enemies to attack you. Possibilities are endless and as far as i can see you are going to change the game quite a bit in the next expansion.

Curse resistance will always be “meta” I think, aslong as grimoire exist at least.
Tho Winds of Magic gamemode seems to be like fractals in GW2, small part of level with short objectives, so maybe there won’t be grim here and we’ll see variety on the trinkets (tho I suspect crit/cd staying dominant, with maybe move speed getting it’s place. Or maybe respawn speed as WoM will be, if I got that right, sorta survival on a point)

I think FS prefer to add new modes with other objective than altering the classic mode, which never fail to work, and I think it’s a good thing too :stuck_out_tongue:

The rest of the choices actually is pretty strong, and I have a couple of carreers where I favour movement speed and stamina regen if grims are disregarded. Crits are just too good to pass on, and I am fine with that. If anything, the grimoire effect of drastically reducing health should be something to be looked into, as of now, it is de facto a bigger health boost than the health bonus on necklace and more or less necessary on low health classes to be abel to withstand at least one running attack.

Sounds Good!

I hope they make gearing harder, so doing harder gamemodes and deeds actually pays off and gives a higher version of chest, rather than the same chests, but more of.

Collecting the books has just become a bit of a chore, and if you’re all playing tanky classes, it doesn’t add much more difficulty anyway. Some Careers are even capable of running no Curse Resistance now and still doing fine.

I’ll keep spamming this suggestion because I think it would add even more randomness and replayability, but adding Elite/Boss/Special traits (Diablo style), such as a Chaos Spawn giving off Nurgle’s Rot if you’re more than x distance from him, or increased health pool, etc. This could correspond to how many books you’ve picked up, 1 book = 1 trait.


There’s been some discussion around changing the grims. Where only the person holding the grim needs curse resistance to hold back the curse for the rest of the party. So only 2 people in the party would need it, freeing up slots for the other 2 in the party. This would require communication and opens up the possibility of the grim carrier dieing before he can take it and someone without CR having to take it. I think it sounds far more fun and challenging


I like that idea but the curse should be meaner than. Like spamming annoying voicelines to the holder ! Muhahahahah
But seriously tho, if the curse only get on the carrier, I’m all for it, with an harder curse :3

I’d also like to see those “have grim and get bonus x” talents go, because atm, they are a.) no brainers most of the time since full book is the meta, anyhow, and b.) with Fortunes of War and the event map having no grims, game modes that turn talent choices useless are never a good thing. My suggestion for Pyro, Shade and WHC would be to give them the handmaiden treatment, but with crit chance. As in: lose 5% crit chance, gain the bonus.

The curse would still affect the entire party. But as long as the grim carrier has curse resistance, it works the same as now. Except only two people would have to run curse resistance. I think this is a good compromise

Ooooh I get it now xD Yeah would be nice indeed. AND ADD THOSE WHISPER OF THE GRIM, with Krub randomly throwing “Hey mates can we press on, this… Thing is trying to communicate over here”
Or Kerillian mocking this “weak curse”

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