Changes to Special Conditions & Secondary Objectives

After dumping many hours into Darktide, a game that I now mindlessly enjoy, I’ve come to the conclusion that the current Special Conditions and Secondary Objective (i.e. Tomes & Grimoires) are not really that rewarding. I would like to propose/discuss changes to them to make the game less grindy but without taking away the reward of completing missions with Special Conditions and/or the books.

Secondary Objectives (i.e. Tomes & Grims)

I’ve seen some discussions of people essentially asking for Vermintide-style collection of the books. For those unaware, in Vermintide 2, you had three inventory slots: Health, Bomb, Potion. I don’t remember which ones the Tomes and Grims in VT2 occupied, but they functioned the same way they do in Darktide, except they were in permanent locations in every map (i.e. not random) and you could also decide to collect all 5 of them if you really wanted to.

PROPOSAL: Tomes & Grimoires should award Plasteel and Diamantine to the squad, proportionate to the number of each of them collected. What I’m thinking is: At the end of the mission, for each Tome collected, multiply total amount of Plasteel & Diamantine by 5% per tome. This means with 3 Tomes, the squad ends up with 15% more Plasteel & Diamantine. And for Grimoires: Double the total % awarded through Tomes once per Grimoire. Thus, with 3 Tomes + 1 Grim, 15% becomes 30%; and with 3 Tomes + 2 Grims, 15% becomes 45% (15% was doubled twice). If there is a better way to word that, please let me know. Lastly, if no Tomes are collected, but a Grim or both are, then each Grim is worth 8% for a total of 16%.

Furthermore, Tomes could still occupy the single inventory space that every player has, but change Grims to have their own reserved space. They are already punishing as it is, especially when a player with two health bars is having a bad day and dies with the Grim. I think this will shift the weight of carrying Grims to our Zealots and Ogryns, because they have more base health and benefit much more from the HP modifers from Curios, but the rewards are pretty cool, right? More Plasteel and Diamantine! I play all four classes and wouldn’t mind being the Grim-mule when it’s my turn.

Special Conditions

Is everyone else loaded on Ordo Dockets and already at level 30 and don’t need XP? PROPOSAL: Retain the extra Ordo Dockets and XP, but:

  • Guarantee an Emperor’s Gift [not sure if it’s always guaranteed, honestly];
  • a possibility of receiving two Emperor’s Gifts;
  • higher chances of receiving Exalted (purple) and Transcendant (gold) Emperor’s Gifts;
  • a chance to simply receive additional Plasteel/Diamantine;
  • a chance to receive a Blessing that you do not currently own, starting from the unowned, lowest tier Blessings, working its way to the unowned, highest tier Blessings;
  • anywhere between 20-70 Melk Coins (Ordo Ingots?)

I think changes like this would add to the replayability and make the grind more rewarding. I could definitely think more, but I really want to get my Contracts completed. I’d like to hear other people’s thoughts.


The crafting system has more of an impact on how rewarding the grind feels than the immediate rewards you get from missions.

Who cares if you’re swimming in resources and gear if none of it actually progresses you?


as far as they are concerned, I assure you it is working as intended.

I agree that books in Darktide are meaningless progression-wise.

For a while now, we’ve gotten guaranteed Emperor’s rewards at the end of each map, but what we get seems totally arbitrary (i.e., my reward did not seem to have any real bearing on my performance for that run).

Perhaps the reward for a secondary completion would be an Emperor’s Gift with nice stats, depending on mission difficulty:

Sedition - Guaranteed Redeemed (Green) item with a T4 Perk
Uprising - Guaranteed Anointed (Blue) item with a T3 Blessing
Malice - Guaranteed Anointed (Blue) item with a T4 Blessing
Heresy - Guaranteed Exalted (Purple) item with a T4 Blessing
Damnation - Guaranteed Transcendent (Gold) item with two T4 Blessings

In the as-is state, I typically get Exalted and Transcent items from Heresy/Damnation, but they’re usually garbage, so I just end up selling them for Ordo Dockets :expressionless:

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emperors gifts at t5 are usually trash, but hadron or brunts is even worse, would be nice to have it implemented like you described.

getting random item with two t4 blessings would be cool

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