Changes to respect player time

While I understand that some randomness is needed so that game quickly doesnt become boring, the current systems in place are not fun and will, and activly are, driving players away from this game. You cant select your own missions or modifers, you cant upgrade or redistribute weapon base stats, and you cant buy the exact weapon you want from the armory. Everything is just SOOOO RNG and grindy that it kills the fun of the game, and here is how I would fix it:

Change the armory shop to have subcategories for each weapon you have unlocked via leveling with random versions of each weapon you can by in each catagory, along with moving the random weapon buy rolls from sire mellik to the armory and having it cost ordro dockets, along with being able to choose which weapon you get a random version of. For exmaple I can select the heavy kantreal lasgun, and then untill I change that each random roll weapon I buy will always be said type of lasgun.

The ability to have hadron increase the base stat ratings/score of weapons as well as allow the player to manually redistribute some of the points for a cost, say 50% of the base stat points can be reallocated as the player wishes.

The ability to manually select what combination of what mission, difficulty, and modifying conditions to play, at least on private lobbies.

These are the 3 main big fixes I can think of when it comes to better respecting player’s time. Devs, PLEASE impletment something like these asap, as well as being open and up front about the changes as they are being develeoped and tested so the comunity can provide feedback.


Lot of these are my gripes too. Just let us get the weapons we want and not have to play the lottery to get it. Still waiting for an eviscerator in Melks shop on my zealot for over two weeks now. Really like the ‘hold specific weapon type’ idea, think Vermintide one had something like that. Don’t mind grinding for mats just let it not be RNG dependent.

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