[Challenge] Shadows over Bögenhafen

There are no obvious Bögenhafen cosmetics left to buy yet I’m still missing 11.
Is this bugged?
I see a lot of old posts about this challenge with no resolution found in those old threads.

There is no breakdown of what’s needed for the challenge, and nothing in the store that specifically states anything is from Bögenhafen (other than the obvious purple skins, which I own all of).

Cosmetics in Bogenhafen DLC include hats, skins, portrait frames, and weapon Illusions. couldn’t find a list online anywhere tho.

Do you know if it’s all hats and skins or which count?

EDIT: I noticed some of the hero skins were also 50 shillings and those all seem to count too.

Now at 80/84 with everything worth 50 shillings already purchased.


84/84 Some hats are 50 shillings.

So that’s 1 hat for every career, 1 skin for every career, and a bunch of weapons (about 54 total).
Total shilling cost of 4200

Picture reward isn’t bad, but it’s no Angel of Fire

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