Cataclysm terror events across missions are unbalanced

To preface: this is not a complaint about the difficulty itself or how runs typically play out on Cataclysm. It is a complaint about the disparity in difficulty for the end level terror events.

Great example from last night: Screaming Bell vs. War Camp.

On War Camp, if you can make it to the entrance of the main camp on Cataclysm you are pretty much guaranteed to win unless you totally soil the bed during the Lord Boss fight. Overall there are very few specials during the battering ram section and there are none after you get through the gate. When we fought Ribspreader we didn’t even have any Chaos Warriors spawn. We cut through him like tissue paper. Some of the Beastman hordes we fought on the run itself were more challenging to manage. The other thing: the final camp had quite a few healing supplies for us to top off on health. Most importantly: the final ammo crate to replenish ammo (which isn’t even really needed at all, lol).

And then, for contrast: Screaming Bell on Cataclysm. The run itself is fast paced and intense. Plenty of scrambling for chokepoints and whatnot. Overall a much shorter run than War Camp and I would say not as hard given the composition of Bell vs. the Camp.

But the final terror events? Totally out of whack comparatively. Often you will have no medical supplies spawn before the final event. Ammo box? Totally dependent on RNG. And the final event? A near constant stream of mixed horde with 3 or 4 Stormvermin (at least) in every little group. Pairs of specials spawning every 10 seconds or so. When we wiped the one time there were 2 gas rats throwing, 2 ratling gunners shooting, a stormer making a stink, AND an assassin running around. I had run out of ammo long before that because I literally had no place to top off in the entire latter quarter of the run.

Not only that, but with the size of the event arena, there is almost nowhere to kite such a sizable group of enemies. The scaffolding? Complete death trap.

So with all of that said - your vision for balancing is seriously focused around a BOSS LEVEL being magnitudes easier than a vanilla level where you destroy a somewhat major Skaven artifact? I really do not understand. This makes zero sense.

Does anyone at Fatshark competent enough at the game actually play these levels and see if the finale terror events actually make sense? Apparently not.


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