Cash Shop - Real Solution

An example I’d like to quote is that, in Dead By Daylight, you can earn premium currency just by playing the game and also paying it with real money.

it’s a win-win

so what’s the real solution?
applying the same method also in Darktide.

Let the players earn premium currency aquilas just by playing, even if it’s in low quantities.
And let the people if they want, to purchase aquilas if they want.

win win.

also let’s remember how Premium Currency was supposed to be actually obtainable at the begin…
people don’t know:

I’d glad if you would stop this greedy behaviour, and be open with your clients and change in better.

You only get bad reputation for behaving like this, and only hate.

it’s better to opt for a win-win than a win-defeat.

you want both sides be happy.



If they had introduced the Vermintide 2 cashshop in Darktide, at least the lashback wouldn’t have been as extreme cause it’s fair. You see what you get, and most can be earned through in-game money.
The current Darktide cashshop is the worst aspect of premium shops found in the gaming industry right now. We’re only missing lootboxes, pay-2-win items and boosters. And a season passes, I guess.


also battle pass!
but yea, true.

i’m afraid it will be for real: “more premium cosmetics than free obtainable cosmetics”

where the majority it will be mtx skins than the actual free cosmetics available in game

my solution would be, being able to earn premium currency, even if in low quantities, just by playing. then if you want, can still buy premium currency, if they wanna support the work, or because they don’t wanna grind out.

a win win.

imo the real solution, and also being clear what the timer means in the cashshop…
it’s incredible that there are still no answers… pretty much total disrespect in my opinion.

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Yeah, the cash shop can be massively improved IMO by two simple fixes: Removing the timer (everything can be bought all the time) and letting you buy the amount of Aquilas you need for the item you want (which Hedge said they are considering). I still think the items are too expensive, but if they occasionally have some sales like in Vermintide, then fine. If not, then I’ll just never buy anything. For a price similar to VT2 skins, without a timer, I’d buy multiple.

I like your idea too. If we for example get 100-200 Aquilas from doing 5/5 weekly quests, then we can build those up to “make our own discounts” in a way, or just save longer until we get one for free. I guess they would want to tie it to something that is weekly capped, so not sure how it would work with farming on multiple characters (they would probably cap it to one character). Either way, 100 free Aquilas capped per week would be a lot better than nothing. It would require the timer to be removed though, trickle free premium currency combined with FOMO timer is very predatory.


This would be a good solution, it’s embarrassing at this point to release a game in such a state. We all understand cosmetics require the least amount of effort to turn a profit, let’s not be an order of magnitude more greedy in a game that already costs $40 and with most of the cosmetics available being reskins.

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That’s pretty scummy.

Way to drop your integrity out of the plane there, FatShark… what on earth were you guys thinking…


Kronk not know much, but Kronk hear a chaos god named Tencent may be problem.

Kronk think Tencent should be smashed.


this is sadly a standard skin and a premium paid skin…

too bad the game turned out like this…

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“That’ll be 300 Aquilas, you dumb nerds.”

… The sad thing is that there are people who will actually buy it, too.


I was looking forward to a VT2 style shop, I didn’t get to play around with it in that game, but I wanted to dump some cash on DT. And now they forced me to refund it…

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Here I was hearing all these complains about how the best skins are premium skins. I don’t understand being outraged over pricing on something you think is stupid and ugly anyways…

Aqshy also already posted that this “incriminating screenshot” of the FAQ going around was corrected the very next day (ie months ago) so this idea that under the cover of darkness Fatshark has reversed expectations is kind of laughable.

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I don’t understand why Fatshark went this down.
Doing monetization in a scummy way delivers just expected hate and disappointment from consumers.

and it’s very understandable as in they are anti consumer practices!

Fatshark should respect the consumers.
client is the king, and if you respect the client, it will most likely return.

this is not a good behaviour, very scummy.
we could mention a lot of things:

they do false advertising
the are proof, as in, multiple times they do show something that doesn’t match the picture in game.
they fixed some, i’m aware, but they do often this. the fact they costantly do even though they fix later, it’s just weird.

they do not deliver promised features
there are multiple proof, happened in their past games also
from their past games until now, where they claimed 70+ weapons available at launch but yet there aren’t. in the code showing there are weapons such 1h power maul, 2h power maul, 2h force sword and so on. will be they charged for money because subclasses? who knows.

they do predatory practices
pseudo fomo to force people to buy skins. even if it’s stated they will be back… and? the fact there’s a timer is already predatory, and it doesn’t change the fact it is fomo.
Inability to buy each piece of skin, instead you need to buy an entire bundle.
Premium Currency made solemnly so that you have some left over in your account, so that you will end up to have some left over and being forced to buy more skins than you should do.

they do often ignore the community when they should give explanations and answers
CMs not being transparent, ignoring often questions that can cause problems. they often don’t want give explanations nor proper answers…

Fatshark is a talented company that does an amazing job but yet it is still not a good company for many other reasons, which are merely external and has nothing to do with the game.
Is the game the issue? no, the games they do are amazing, but their decisions? No.

it’s just Fatshark that wants to get hated by his own consumers… incredible but it is real.
and I wonder why they want that.

they could change and respect more their clients, cause working and earning money in a honest way is better than working and earning money in a dishonest way.

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Im already calling it and have been waiting for the other foot to drop now where they release loot boxes that have random weapons in them that are rolled with max attribute stats on them.

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