Career you play with the most **POLL**

Hello fellow Vermintiders, would you be so kind to pick the career you play with the most :slight_smile: I’d like to see what the numbers will look like after at least 100 entries. But if we could get 1000 votes that would be awesome.

  • Mercenary
  • Huntsman
  • Foot Knight
  • Ranger Veteran
  • Ironbreaker
  • Slayer
  • Waystalker
  • Handmaiden
  • Shade
  • Witch Hunter Captain
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Zealot
  • Battle Wizard
  • Pyromancer
  • Unchained

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I don’t think there are anywhere near a thousand active forum visitors tbfh :confused: , not to mention 1000 being about 1/5th of the player base right now xD

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Yeah, if this is correct, the numbers are not looking good.

My favourite hero/career and the one I play the most are not the same :frowning:

Vote for one that you play the most then :slight_smile:
I’ve deleted the favorite part now.

I would say I’ve 50/50 between WS and Shade. I took WS because I enjoy it a lot more.

I honestly cannot pick one. I like some variance in my game, and so do my friends. While I’ve played BW, Pyro and Huntsman far less than any other career, and I’ve gathered more levels on Kerillian than others, I play just about everything and cannot name either a favourite or most played one. Depends on the day and mood, really: One day spamming arrows as Swift Bow WS, another wading into hordes as Slayer, and yet another smiting rats as Zealot.

Sorry for not taking part in the voting, but that’s my view.

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You know what happens with players who don’t take the poll? They get ambushed by backstabbers while they are on the toilet :stuck_out_tongue:

Heavy dwarf bias is real, haha. My vote was handmaiden btw.

WS, Shade. Started playing Merc and Foot Knight more now. You should ALL be playing crit + chaos 1h sword Merc. It’s super fun. Oh and Repeater/Handgun for elites.

As expected, battle wizard is the least played career (at least for now). What are your reasons for not playing battle wizard? I personally really hate her active skill, it’s not practical and not very lore-friendly as well.

Havent really gotten into sienna properly but I’ve really liked her other two careers so far, unchained has some pretty fun mechanics to get used to.

I didn’t expect to see HM up there at the top.

Maybe a bigger sample size is required…

Right now I play WS just because I have the most stuff with rolls for Kerillian…I used to love HM and play that as my main but I would rather have that ammo regen for the Longbow.

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Yeah, and Pyro at 3% :scream: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, this is fuc!ked up :rofl:
We need much more data for any serious analysis.


wow, did not expect Pyro to be so low O_o

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I do play battle wizard. The class has gotten some buffs and after the crit bug with fireball/conflag got fixed it’s really fun to play those staves with the talent for increased spell charge speed.

The active has gotten some love too, it does nice stagger at the exit point and can even stagger bosses so it’s useful for saving teammates that have been grabbed / pinned down. I think it still needs some love, maybe in the form of a serious buff for the fire trail so that it does better damage and enemies try to avoid it.

Yeah, but, how does it feel when you use it on champ/legend? I mean, is it usable at all given the danger and awkward position you can end up in after the teleport?

It’s been good so far. You do have to be careful not to teleport yourself into a nasty situation ofc, similar tactics as using the various dash ults as other characters. I use it to get out of a situation more often, and combined with the increased spell charge it’s amazing. If I have a huge mixed horde on me I’ll backpedal to get them grouped up, teleport away, and have a fully charged conflag blast ready almost instantly to nuke them all. With a conc potion the fire walk can be used to stunlock bosses or patrols too.

I play with the fire dagger for the added mobility.

I haven’t played a ton of it on Legend though, maybe 10 games total. A lot more on champion just to get the hang of it as I never played any of Sienna’s other classes (or sienna in V1).

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it’s great for escaping danger, especially for kiting bosses or patrols or anything really. kinda like how the handmaiden can continuously attack and press ult to get away from being cornered.

the teleport is targetted… so if u end up in a bad position, it’s your fault. lol