Can't refine Curio

Hi there,

I got a small issue with your “crafting” (uhuhuhuh) “system” .

Whenever I try to refine an orange curio (I think I initially got it from Melk) I get the following message “Unable to perform operation.”

So I’m stuck with a crappy +8% ordo dockets from mission rewards in a game where ordo dockets are practically useless (I’m swimming in the darn thing).

Oh and while I’m here there’s something that I assume can only be a bug: the score screen never appears at the end of my games. That’s a little bit weird cos it was there in Verm2 and it was really helpful to test different builds, have a general idea of how I performed (especially the damage taken part), that kind of stuff…

Please fix.

PS: nice beta, FS, can’t wait until the full game releases <3

Kind regards,