Cant jump properly

Issue Summary:
Had the situation a few times now. Dunno what causes it though. Cant reproduce it either.
Sometimes as Slayer I cant jump high enough. Jumps I am supposed to be able to do dont work because the character only jumps half the height. Just had it in my most recent run on convocation where I couldnt jump on the shelf on the wall from where you press the button to open the grim. Using my active fixes it but it is kinda annoying that I sometimes have to wait for it.

Additional Information:
In case it might help here is the console log with the most recent (last) run it happened.
console-2019-02-28-18.23.25-85E1BD7C-A56F-43EE-9492-B5A1.log (1.9 MB)


i can confirm that this bug exist. i will say u can get it 70% of time when u are in water and use ult. the way i use ult is look down most of the time so i dont jump away from my team also with this trick u can some time make high jump. FS say in one stream dwarf space program.
the way to restore ur normal jump is use ult again.
ofc some time happened on normal ground

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