Slayer Ult (Leap) not working in Skttergate Finalr

The slayers ult ability doesn’t work st all consistently during the final boss fight of skittergate. Holding the button down doesn’t display the white circle/disc where his ability will land. If I spam the button it will occasionally fire off a leap - but again with no disc displaying on the ground.

This makes it really hard to attack the boss as a slayer because you can’t consistently jump into melee range.

This has already been reported (and acknowledged) in this thread.

The only thing to help you while we wait for a fix is to look for a place to fight where there is solid ground underneath you, and not wooden boards, which seem to be the culprits.
There are more places where it does not work, and this goes also for BW firewalk.

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Thanks. I though I saw this reported earlier but then it thought it was fixed in one of the recent patches. Guess not! Thanks.

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