The Skittergate - can't use Leap during Rasknitt boss fight

I’m not sure what’s causing this, but I can’t use Leap during that boss fight 100% of the time.

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Experienced that as well. The skill just doesn’t trigger most of the time.

Can support that too, now 2 times in a row but always as client, did not test it as Host.
Never thought I would miss the new Leap :laughing:

Can confirm this as well. I think it has to do with the different type of terrain. I could leap close to me on the same rock surface that I was already standing on but could not leap to the wooden areas or further rock surfaces.

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It seems that the wooden surfaces (and edge areas of the solid rock slates) might be treated as the player was airborne. It’s not just the fight (although, obviously, that’s what’s significantly affected), but the arena that causes it, and as others confirmed, there are small areas (of solid rock) where Leaping is possible.

In case it helps, the console log from a session which included two Skittergate runs (and Rasknitt fights) on Slayer: console-2019-08-12-19.53.11-9b1727d9-e8d3-4fa5-89fc-0e95beba6590.log (3.0 MB)

On the latter one, I also deliberately tested it a bit when going through the arena the first time.

Could be, but I could use Leap on the wooden platforms right after Rasknitt fight that you use to get to the lifting platform at the end, so I’m not sure about that

On the Norscan side, too, they work fine. The trouble is with the Rasknitt arena specifically, and even that is somewhat inconsistent. The most consistent part was that none of the wooden areas in the arena allowed leaping, and you need to be fairly close to the center of the rocky spots for it to work.

As to why I suspect the airborne thing, it’s already easily provable that being airborne (e. g. jumping) stops you from even aiming the Leap, and the target doesn’t automatically appear after landing. This case seems to work in the same way.

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