Slayer double leap

When leaping on a certain part of stairs the slayer will bounce off and fly especially if its an area with a lot of stairs like on the screaming bell part before the rat ogre. He literally flew for a good 5 seconds killing me and then spawning me AFTER the boss.


This problem is so old that i’ve seen people saying it actually goes back to the previous game.

Which for me, unfortunately, breaks the slayer, since the skill can actually kill you. It’s a shame, because the twin axes really rock :frowning:

It’s absolutely hilarious , I wish I could see someone doing this other than me so I could laugh at them but in legendary it’s not so humorous

Seems you got the short end of the stick, you should see what happened to this Slayer when he did that

At least he gets to ascend in to heaven

It happens sometimes when you leap on an incline. Just avoid leaping on an incline until it is fixed.

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