Slayer Ult Bug Full report

Issue Summary:
Slayer Ult Bug

3 Different types of bugs occur depending on position an angle you are looking at.

This would take to long

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Everything important is in the googledoc

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%) - Constant (100%) - depending on the type of bug you are using with Slayer Ult

Additional Information:


Thank you for your report, we appreciate you putting this together. We’re looking to overhaul this ability in a later update.

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For the first grim on Bell, you can just jump to the ledge from above, before you drop down. HM and Zealot can do this as well.

On Fort, at the start of the map, any class can hug the left wall and jump to the ledges. This lets you skip the entire first area and get up on the road.

The bardin space program jumps are really fun though. There’s a reddit post about this from a while back.

Those are actual useful jumps that let you clear maps faster or skip certain parts of the map. As well as double back to get up down team mates.

Is this the place for me to upload footage of how to play Battle Wizard?

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oh ho ho… I wouldn’t do that XD Last BW teleport thread got pruned and locked. She can do major exploits, 5 min runs with 2 grims and 1 tome… very easy way to farm.

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