Can't find games today

Been playing since beta and never had any trouble finding tons of games in my region. Now I can see no active games in my region and only 4 worldwide. Doesn’t seem right

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Game is dead. LOL.
Backend errors and bugs finally got him.

Actually it has 30% more players than a month ago - 9k. Idk if the playerbase finally stabilized or people are still testing 1.1, but right now it’s far from being dead.

Actually having the same thing. Usually even if I start a game it’s full within 1-2 mins. Now I can almost solo a map before one person joins.

Sarcasm guys… s.a.r.c.a.s.m !

I hope so the game is not dead, but till they fix the backend errors, we’re actually around 12 players not playing it anymore again cause of the frustration this crash.

FS, please stop releasing patches that need to be fixed over and over :frowning: