Cannot use WASD and mouse look at the same time

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If I don’t move, I have full use of mouse look. Once I start moving with “W” the look is frozen until I stop pushing “W” then I have full use of mouse look again. I can’t do both at the same time.

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Just start the game in the intro when I was in the practice tunnel. Use WASD keys and try to turn using the mouse. Once I start moving with WASD, I can’t mouse look until I stop moving. They I regain mouse look.

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TheBlasterMaster Steam Community :: ♂ TheBlasterMaster™🗽

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[MM/DD/YYYY, 00:00AM/PM] [TIMEZONE] 11/17/2022 3:20 PM US Central time.

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I bought this game today. Today Steam completely revamped their native controller support. I play with a controller in my left hand and a mouse in my right. I normally deactivate my controller support in Steam and use a utility called ReWASD to remap my controller to KB keys including WASD. This change in steam messed that up.

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This problem started again with patch 7. Please help.