Cannot Host game

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I tried to host some QP legend matches yesterday. In all games all of the team except me was “kicked” out leaving me alone with bots. funny thing is that players were able to join as soon as I triggered the end event of map eg. after Rasknitt died and gate opens and on the pit after I pressed the leaver to release the door for the final rush.

I will attach the logs here hope it helps.console-2021-01-04-22.33.36-b605892c-ab69-45de-af03-e802b6dbbc1a.log (1.6 MB) console-2021-01-04-22.07.29-058ac278-9c04-4676-a1c7-69e1dff23507.log (1.5 MB)

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Thank you for letting us know - I’ve added this to our database for investigation. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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