Can we not have this

boring hunging grounds n hi intensity again like its 8 months ago. thought jus hi int shock was boring. pls jus replace all this junk with maelstroms plz. ppl that are gonna click on these already have the first page of the map select

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like why even is regular hi intensity coming up. is this a bug??

I think we need 3rd mission board full of maelstrom maps.


or we jus clean up all this trash stuff from page 2. nobody clicks this

ok… why is this happening? is this a bug? why is auric page doint these basic modifiers now?

Hi-auric is different than high damn. It can be fun sometimes IMO. Tends to be really aggressive with elites and hordes and less so on spawns.

have you tested this? Was fairly sure auric is just the mission tab that means the missions will at minimum have the Hi modifier attached, it should be no different than finding that same mission with Hi on the normal page. At least they dont feel any different in play to me?

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I’m not 100% certain except this:
I played a damnation maelstrom monstrosities modifier. It felt noticably slower and easier than it does in Auric.

Oh i do think the maelstrom ones are infact different on the normal page because if you look at the modifier the eyes dont glow red, and i also agree the pacing feels different on the maelstrom ones, but as far as the normal hi and hi-stg i think they are the same

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My group does, because just HIST is boring. If anything i’d want more modifiers, not less. Like hunting grounds + ventilation purge for example. i really would want Auric to have twice the amount of missions with more variety.

Because its fun and a gateway into auric. Since standart cand be relied upon to have HI damnation.

Standard Maelstrom is easier than Auric. Usually has fewer and less severe modifiers.

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I quite enjoy high int Damn if I’m just pugging solo, trying builds or grinding mats in my fairly limited game time. Sometimes the auric board lets me get access to more mission variety, letting me avoid replaying maps too much. I would prefer not having those options taken away since the non auric mission board often doesn’t give you the greatest choices of modifiers/maps. I would prefer your issue was solved without taking options away from others.

Would having 3 different maelstrom maps available on the Auric board at once be enough for you?


Imo they should just add:

  1. 3rd mission board with maelstrom missions
  2. minimum 3 conditions on maelstrom, I feel like 2 conditions are at the same difficulty level as regular auric, or even easier, like dog pack is basically ammo regen source if there is vet in the team

Auric is just a band aid for the entire mission board system anyway. A decent stopgap, but does little to address the flaws in the design.


this is horrible man. game’s almost a yr old and some of us are STILL looking for a challenge while its getting easier. I-II-VEG modifier comes on like once or twice a day. instead we have these maps 24/7 smh. dogs and waves of muties screaming and ear fking us as an illusion of a challenge.

hi, also ???

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