Can we have the shield bash attack on the mouse thumb button?

Hello Devs,

is it possible for shield weapon to use shield bash attack on mouse thumb button like the pistol on Victor’s Rapier ?

the reason i am suggesting this is because sometimes we want to use a charge attack on shield/Armour enemy, but we have to go for the shield bash first(Kruber’s sword+shield). and sometimes we want to attack the horde with the shield bash first but we have to do the heavy attack first(Kruber’s Mace+shield).

so, is that possible to make the shield bash attack always on the thumb mouse? so that we can always use the correct attack according to the situation need.


I use a perdition mouse and it lets you program macros and such. I’m sure there is 3rd party software that does the same, but who knows if you’ll get banned for using it…

I fully support this. This would go a very long way towards making the 1h+shield weapons (other than axe/shield, which is already alright) much more usable.

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I love this idea. Make the bash the special attack would be amazing. I’d like to see more use of the special attack button for all weapons honestly.


This is a pretty decent idea.
I kinda like the complexity of having the bashes and ap hits in a certain combo chain though.

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I’m sort of against the idea, it’d take away the depth in learning the combo system and how to weave your way through it.

If I’m correct you can keep chaining the shield bash with either Bash > block > bash
Bash > slash > bash (which is probably faster but less ‘safe’)

I can totally understand the argument as to why people would be for, however, but it might start cluttering the alternate fire section and it might make it more obscure for newer players to realize they can do that.

To add:

With Sienna’s dagger, her first charge attack is AoE while her second is an easy headshot that does well even against armour, and you can work around it to wind up headshots while using the extra time to bob and weave. So I think the huge slow-down on the shield slam is a bigger issue perhaps (iirc that it does, that is)

Yes. Please. This.

Having to deliberately wiff a swing while charging a horde to have the shield bash ready is completely arbitrary and unnecessary. The bash doesnt perform the same function as a swing and should therefore be its own button

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