Can we get a sound cue for ambushes, like a short burst of drums?

I understand why they had to cut the music, but it’s a little jarring and somewhat anticlimatic to have it happen with complete silence instead.

I think a short drumline that lasts a couple of seconds that accompanies a horde-esque (but different) mass screech could be a great replacement that helps drive home the intensity of a sudden ambush without overstaying it’s welcome.

This is an example that I think would serve well -

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It was an unnecessary change and they should just undo it. Whatever imaginary gains they’ve made by rationing the music are undone twice over by destroying the tension of the ambush event and denying us the catharsis of its defined end.



If anything, usage of music was always an undeniable strength of Darktide.

Sad to see that they’ve found a way to screw even the music up.

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I understand why they did it, as there were very rare cases where music could be playing for up to 10 minutes or so (ambush, boss fight, ambush, and than maybe another ambush). However I would still rather have that very rarely happening over neutering the ambush music completely.

It feels buggy didnt realise this was a choice… In vermintide there were certain places in the maps where the music played often, when both horde and/or monster were present… I remember the one on the Athel Yenlui after the first grim going to the 2nd tome… and skittergate just at the gates to the first main area before the 2nd grim…

I don’t understand how they got it right in that game but decided to leave us with this in darktide… the music on the new maps was like a breath of fresh air…

Drums I think work better as a normal horde cue, for ambushes maybe a synchronised choral muttering or chanting? Since the walker pox tends to be described as being a collective at times.

Some sort of metallic scraping screech or unintelligible shout is more lore appropriate I think. All I know is that turning around and finding the team sandwiched feels bad. I understand 40k is about the deep feeling of foreboding fear, but we don’t have to actually live the nightmare in game.

We did… in Vermintide 2. Complete with rats whispering as the tension builds up and finally they all scream and charge as the drums come in.

In Darktide there was also ambush music until a couple months ago. It was just regular horde music. For some reason they removed that music (I understand the thought behind this to be fair) and then just didn’t replace it with anything (???)

Ontop of being a questionnable choice for atmosphere (the music is really good and nobody actually minds hearing more of it I’m sure) it’s also totally ruinous for gameplay as mentioned. Sometimes I just walk around and don’t notice for lack of any actual sound effects that my allies are fighting an ambush horde.

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