Can we change character names after the fact?

I liked making my characters themed, and have names to represent that.
I was hoping when the barber section comes out, that they add the ability to change the character names for free or for some in-game currency.


I would like this option as well. I don’t like the idea of making a character and being stuck with it in a game like this. While we’re at it, what about color options for clothing? Seems odd to lock that to a pick you made at the start of the game.


I’m not able to use my steam name and my fatshark forums name ingame (Hartassen) presumably because it contains the word ass.

Censorship of this type is horrible. So I used an autogenerated name Harken. My friends don’t know who my characters are unless they learn their names and if there’s another Harken ingame they get confused.

I need to be able to change my username or the ability to display my steamname instead of my character name ingame.

Otherwise it’s just one more item on the list of things that makes me not wanna keep playing the game.