Can Droprate For Weapons Be Greater Than For Necklaces/Trinkets/Charms?

It’s pretty easy to get an overabundance of jewelry, especially when there isn’t much variety for what you can do with them + the fact that they can be used across all characters. I don’t think I’ve changed my necklace or trinket since I initially crafted them upon reaching 300 HP like 200 hours ago. So nothing is more discouraging than opening a Emperor’s Vault on a character I don’t usually play to get three necklaces. Their visual appearance is irrelevant outside of menus, their property/trait combinations can be optimally rolled to where having a single red/lucky orange can be the final solution to the equipment slot on all 15 characters forever, (even if they weren’t perfect rolls, I’m never going to leap out of my seat over a new one if it means whopping extra 0.2% attack speed), and they seem to drop at a rate of 1/2 if not 3/5. It would be really nice if boxes were more oriented towards weapons.


Admittedly I am at 4 Red Necklaces now and 1 Red Trinket…

But nothing else, and no way to swap them for something I need.

4 Red Necklaces is a bit much… expecially with no Red Drops of any kind other than that.


Even for just oranges, I get like 5 shrapnel trinkets for every singular 296 power orange with an illusion that doesn’t work.

Here paragraph 3.

Btw, jewelry has a 55% droprate, just letting you know.

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wow that post really points out how bad it is. 45% chance for a weapon when there are 11 weapons per character, and a 55% chance for absolute dust fodder.

Yeah, it does not affect non-red items that much, because

But when it comes down to reds, it’s just bad.

Especially considering that it’s pretty plausible to roll a pseudo red out of an orange before ever getting the red, making it all the more disappointing when your ultra-rare drop is just redundant.

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