Can difficulty restriction please be removed?

Difficulty needs to be removed for custom games. Its completely ridiculous. Not everyone has the time to farm power level to play on champion or legendary and if we have a buddy that we want to play with we are unable to. This makes it extremely hard to get new people to play the game with. “Hey man we should play Vermintide 2 together, oh but let me know after you farm for 5 hours to unlock champion.”


I believe their intention with difficulty was that so you don’t rush to the harder difficulties and get destroyed and drop the game in frustration. Not that I’m a fan of any restriction like that, but why would your new player friend would care about jumping suddenly to champion?
On my experience when my party played with a new player and got him to legend as fast as possible it was just miserable and frustrating experience to him. Not everyone can learn the hard way, some people want more natural progression.

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Start the vote without that player in your lobby, then invite them



No. The game has a steep learning curve, and skipping it is not doing yourself or people you’re going to play with a service.
I already find that double or triple XP events flood higher difficulties with noobs - no offense intended, just factual,- and I get you’re just trying to play with a friend, but then play with them. I’ve had some fun going through recruit and vet with a new pal, watching him learn and giving tips as we were going.
I think we played 3 to 5 recruit maps, tops, before playing maybe 10 maps on vet and heading to champion. It is not a big deal to accompany them, and they actually progress faster than you’d think.


I agree here.

If you have a friend who’s already leveled, you should be allowed to play with them on any difficulty via Custom Map with the exception of Cataclysm.

It would be far better to be able to play with a friend on their difficulty then bore them to pieces playing on that new player’s difficulty.

You can do this in literally every other game except Vermintide.

Of course, for QuickPlay, power restriction would still apply. Honestly, I think this would be a fair solution for everyone.

That’s mostly the case already. If you’re leveled up on one character to ~level 20-25, you have level 300 equipment which makes a level 1 character qualify for any difficulty.

So you’d like to play with a friend who’s never played on legend straight away ? It’d be so unforgiving I imagine situations where there is no room for improvement…
Or just carry them through it and power level them ? sure, you can do that in “every other game except Vermintide”, but I never saw it as good or fun - except if you’re one of those power creeps but then just play recruit if you want to feel good.

All in all, I do kinda agree though. If you’re in a private game, there is “no harm” in removing the level requirement, but then your friend hasn’t learnt the game and is set free to play with everyone else and not be in their own league. I played a lot of champion before moving to legend and a lot of legend before moving to cata, and there is no shame in it. I play in champion with my friends who aren’t at legend level yet, and they’re actually having more fun than if I’d forced them into Legend where they spent half the map spectating.


I had played with a couple of friends who’re new to the game.Playing with them on lower difficulties is the best way to make them learn the game rather than straight up going for the hardest(base game) difficulty.

It isn’t fun when you,as a new player,keeps on getting curbstomped every step of the way while your more experienced friend carries the run(and actually playing the game).What are they supposed to learn if they keep on dying and doing barely any damage?Just telling them tips,how the game mechanics work and so on wont help much when they can’t stay alive long enough to make use of it.


No, it’s not. It’s power locked.

Every one learns differently.

If it’s a person that’s been gaming a long time and you personally know how fast they can learn the mechanics then it’s the best way to teach them.

Before ESO changed how the difficulty in-game worked, I was constantly being invited to high level dungeons as a low level.

3 months later, I started soloing veteran hardmode raids.

Everyone has different skill sets and some people do learn faster than others. Just because it’s not right for everyone doesn’t mean it should be LOCKED for EVERYONE.

What does it really matter anyways? They would obviously be playing in a private group. It doesn’t hurt anyone.

I met a guy recently who bought the game after the free week, he’s already on cataclysm. He’s never played Vermintide before.

Exclusion from a difficulty they want to play on, especially with their friends, will turn some people away. We don’t have a huge player base and a lot of people quit because Recruit is too easy for them but they are stuck there until their power is high enough to move up.

We are not in a position to lock people out.

I know it is, I said it is, and I also explain why I said “mostly the case”. If you have level 300 gear you can play as a level 1 character in legend.

I guess you learned to play Legend-level football from watching games on TV ?

And this is why I said I do kinda agree. I get that in specific cases it really hurts no one.
In other cases that will just create power-leveled players that have 650 hero power and can technically play in legend or cata while having a vet skill level ; and that is not a good experience either for that player or the other players he’s joining. I think this is the reason why this shouldn’t be implemented.


Sorry, but nothing stops you from joining your friend’s games. You can help him farm easier difficulties faster and safer.
Besides the difference between Recruit and Cata (visually) is just in the number of Elites and Specials. The game is very much the same.

That is completely irrelevant as it’s not the same thing. Not a good example.

Someone who is good at PvE games tend to learn faster in other PvE games they have never played. Same goes with PvPers.

Watching football and playing football, two completely different things.

You can play the game however you want, that’s none of anyone’s business.

The fact of the matter is that most people don’t want to be forced to play on the lowest difficulty in the game and if a friend brought them in then they should be able to play with that friend on any difficulty.

If that lobby was made private, it wouldn’t affect you, me, or anyone else. So, why does it matter? In solo quickplay, there can still be a power level lock.

Let people play however they want

Do you treat other people like this in game? I hope not. I sometimes see level 17s in my legend games and the first thing I say to them is, “Welcome! hf gl”

Idk how long you’ve been gaming but most people like to start playing on whatever the normal difficulty is and Vermintide is not a hard game to learn if you’re patient. I see nothing wrong with removing the power level lock if those people have friends that are nice enough to help them.

It is if that new player put straight into legend keeps dying and spends the game watching you complete the map.

I don’t disagree, but you seem to assume every new player playing legend will be a good player, which simply isn’t true. In the case of a good player learning the ropes fast and gitting gud in 4 games, sure, your point stands and I 100% agree.
The trouble is, the majority of new players aren’t good, and allowing them to play in higher difficulties and getting their power level artificially inflated in a way that does not reflect their player skill level growth has the same effect as double or triple XP weekends : a horde of noobs floods legend and map completion rate plummets.

And in that way,

this is false.

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I have never had an issue with completion rates on Legend even with new players joining my lobbies during XP or free weekends. If the RNG favors me, I can usually complete a Cata run with 2 players making their first jump into that difficulty.

Remember, we all started on Recruit and we all made the jump to higher difficulties regardless if we thought we were ready or not.

A private lobby that you cannot join will not affect you. I don’t see how this is false for you.

Sure, Fatshark can keep the power level requirement for new players when they want to QuickPlay but they shouldn’t be restricted to a particular difficulty in a private Custom game with friends.

I honestly don’t see what the big deal is considering on launch I was able to join Legend games through my friends lobby while I was still low level and underpowered by joining them AFTER they started the match. It was fixed but I disagreed with that decision.

And this was BEFORE legend was nerfed and AFTER the range meta was removed. Sure, I died a lot but I was with friends and I still had fun.

It was definitely more fun playing on Legend than it was on Recruit.

Listen, I think I explained my point of view enough and I get yours is too narrow to see what I mean.
If you take 4 year-olds and put them in university, the group projects are not going to go well ; even if you are insisting that in your case the 4-year-old is your brother and is in your group and you don’t care, you’re not seeing that :

1 - your brother is still admitted, will take other classes, and will be assigned into other group projects.
2 - not every 4-year old is as smart as you pretend your brother to be

Fatshark has the responsibility of guaranteeing somewhat the fun of everyone, and while other games might use an elo or a ranking system, Vermintide uses difficulty.
Myself as a player am aware of the difficulty I’m most comfortable playing, Fatshark basically hands the entire elo rating in your hands and trusts you on the basis that playing way over your level is not fun for anyone, and by having designed difficulties that accompany perfectly the learning curve.

The tradeoff is that they have to ensure that people know how to walk before trying to run, because there are those players who just start up all games in Hell-on-earth difficulty and learn by getting rekt over and over again ; but this is an online coop game and you as a player are somewhat responsible for the enjoyment of 3 other people.
Your proposal would allow people who disregard that responsibility to potentially ruin others’ enjoyment of the game, and that is why I’m against it and I think FS can’t have that.

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Wouldn’t something like a ‘soft guidance system’ help all parties here?
Don’t remove the restrictions, change them to something more meaningful.

  • If you have one hero at max level/above 600 hero power, you aren’t restricted for Legend on the other careers.
  • If the host/one player has maxed out hero power/is at lvl 35/etc. (i would set this high), players in the same lobby get their restrictions removed. Only works before starting a mission (in the keep).

With that, leveling of lvl 1 careers and friends who just started the game would become easier. You could still add more nuanced restrictions to this.
I ran into a very similar issue: I wanted to get a new player some more chests by playing deeds (because who likes the grind up to 300 item power), but deed restrictions are even harsher. So i would very much like a change like that. I wasn’t even abusing the system, i just wanted to clear out my library from vet and champ deeds.

My bad. I just checked, and I thought the minimum power for Legend was 300. Turns out it’s 415, so I was wrong in thinking that a level 1 character could join Legend with 300 gear.

Since I thought it was already the case, it makes perfect sense. I agree.

Only in private lobbies, as I doubt I’d appreciate joining a Legend QP game with a first-time level 1 Kruber in Blacksmith’s gear waiting next to level 35 Zealot player or something.
And that doesn’t address the fact that this player is getting carried through maps while not learning.

while we’re at it, can u drop the dlc requirement for cata. plz do it!

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Too little too late for that unless they give a fair compensation to those that bought WoM for Cata

I bought WoM for Cata and I don’t need compensation if they make it free. If they did then I get the advantage of a more active player base, why would I demand recompense at this point? Man people are insanely petit.

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