Call To Action

Dear Developers,

Are you satisfied with the reception that Darktide has been receiving from both Vermintide fans as well as the general gaming public. With the criticisms that’s been levied at your competency on a near daily basis - some of it fair, some of it unfair. With the overwhelming negative feedback that people post about your beloved project that you’ve no doubt poured years of work into.

This is a moment in which some self-reflection and humility is required, but more importantly, this is where you need to take heart to what your fans are saying. We don’t want your beloved project to be a sore point in which you regret wasting time on. That negative emotion is the worst thing to harbor. We want Darktide to be a celebration of the fruits of your labor. We all see potential in this game, sincerely. I speak for most when I say this.

However, your leadership is suffocating your potential, your creativity, your success. The people in charge of Darktide are making the game difficult for us to enjoy via their decision making. We want to see the passion of your craft. We want to appreciate it. Yet it’s being hampered upon by so many layers of nonsense.

I beseech you, please voice your concerns to management. With the recent revelations that have come to light. Darktide is reaching a point where it’ll only illicit negative emotions from players.

Thank you,
God bless





Not only competency, but even more so their personal integrity.


GW doesn’t care in the slightest, they just want more people to get into the lore so that they can try conning more people to buy their overpriced mini’s


Fatshark, consider yourself beeched.


So basically the Rian Johnson approach, eh?
A bold strategy! Let’s see if it works out for them!


I wish there were better 40k horde shooters, or coop games.


Honestly, if somebody makes a total dog turd of a movie and it’s still entertaining enough to watch? That’s a success.

Fatshark has somehow done the opposite. They’ve made a core game that’s incredibly well done and exciting, then tacked on so much garbage it drags the whole game down.

It’s actually pretty impressive. Like somebody creating the perfect meal and then jumping on the table and taking a dump on it right as you’re about to enjoy a second bite.


Crap. Was that the wrong word? I kind of wrote that before going to sleep.

Close, I think you meant beseech?

Yeah, that one. Lol.

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lol true probably.

I think the OP meant beached because that’s the condition the game is in ATM. Needs more premium items in cosmetic shop should do the trick.

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If I ever strike it rich, one of the games I’d like to make would be a story-driven 1-4 player co-op 3rd person Guardsmen game played somewhat like Lost Planet 2, that could also be played on splitscreen with 2 people :sweat_smile:



They’re speaking for me FatShark. This is exactly how I feel. I played VT 1&2 at launch. I played DT closed Beta, and Pre-Launch. I knew the game wasn’t going to be finished. I knew stuff was going to be missing and I didn’t care. I have an absolute blast when I’m playing. I love it. I bust out my Boltgun and Combat Axe and I hack and Bolt my way through waves of enemies and I revel in it! I don’t care about the missing crafting, or the wet paper thin “story” that I already forgot. None of it matters because when I’m in a mission I am ALL IN. 170 hours, and several hundred missions later I’m starting to wind down though and the things I could ignore are beginning to leak through my rose tinted glasses. At first I was thinking, “Why can’t all these complainers see how much potential there is in this game? Why can’t they be patient and eventually it’s going to be awesome!”. Well Me, there’s no guarantee of that. There’s no guarantee that it will eventually be awesome. And people coughed up 40-60$ for a product. In retail an unfinished product is a fail. You failed to produce the product you advertised and people will stop giving you money. I’m not sure why Videogame developer companies haven’t learned this yet. Hopefully they will soon. So I’m slowly realizing my initial confusion as to the complaints was just me being blinded by what is good about the game, and my own love for it. The sadness that is trying to settle in my heart is a massive disappointment. I want this game to be awesome. I want people to play and love it, and have a huge community of people playing and loving it. I want to believe that some members of FatShark feel the same. We can see the love in the gameplay. We know it’s in there covered in layers of stuff no one wants, needs, or asked for. I’m flat out begging you FatShark…please please please listen. I don’t want love to turn to hate. Show us you love this as much as we do and listen to what your customers are saying. And to the execs that are making decisions based on money I can only appeal to your greed. Make this game awesome and you will get our money. And if you’re thinking, “We already got your money pal.” Well then think on this. You could get MORE money from me. $$


Thank you. This is something worth highlighting. We have no means of keeping these developers honest with us save for their flimsy promises. Even their community managers refuse to hold the company accountable to deadlines - accountability, honesty, transparency, something that is all too lacking in general for this company. We have no clue if any of our grievances will be addressed. Unless it’s specifically written down in some roadmap or on paper, we have absolutely nothing to hold Fatshark accountable.


Why not just not buy the game? That’s the only accountability consumers have. Are folks just so hard up for a 40k game that they cannot physically stop themselves from spending money on something that sucks?

I’m not saying I’ve never done that in the past myself a time or two, I reckon I’ve just learned my lesson by now. I really hope it improves, I love VT2, but I’ve played the crap out of it and want this to succeed.

According to Vermantide 1 & 2 fans, this has been an ongoing issue from their first game.

At some point, you have to stop blaming “leadership/publisher” and start blaming the company as a whole. Dev’s being included.
They knew this was a half baked alpha experience. They knew of the constant crashing. Yet, they released it anyway. The people that stays employed at this company are all complicit in this lackluster shareware version of a game.

The combat is fine. Feels great. But all of the content they said would be in the game is missing. One can only assume they were simply lying.

The game launched. This is the product the community received. Missing weapons, missing crafting system, missing campaign and lore, ETC. No person at Fatshark deserves a holiday until they fix this bare minimum mediocre lazy experience. Everything about it is less than its predecessors.


Oh my that analogy is perfect.