Bulwarks are horrible

I like them conceptually however;


  1. Shield is 200% bigger than the model
    1a. Knocked down bulwarks are actually invulnerable because of this
  2. Enemies can clip inside bulwarks and hit you
    2a. Enemies inside a bulwark are protected by its shield and thus unkillable
  3. Bulwarks invisible extra big shield can clip into other enemies
    3a. An apparently clean shot on a staggered bulwark (say there’s two) will be caught by the second bulwark’s magic shield
    3b. Other enemies, like crushers, can become immune to damage because a bulwark is just around

Bulwarks are one of the most irritating enemies to fight due to this nonsense. Make the shield consistent with the model.


one of the best tips i ever got for bulwarks sounds very obvious, but “block”. people very seldom do against bulwarks and instead tend to try and hit them continuously to lock them up for a teammate behind them or back up, both of which baits out the shield bash which is by far their most dangerous move. all of their other moves are very cheap to block staminawise and very slow/telegraphed.

block their swing, dodge towards their exposed side, attack with something that causes stagger.


Yeah the tip is cool and all, but doesn’t address the core issues at hand. Which still remain, the fact that bulwark shields are absolutely uninteractive and bs.


Only problem with this is when you get the civilization 4 stack of enemies or a sniper is lining you up though the shield.

Sure this is fine if there is only one but on damnation there is seldom ever just one to fight.

It’s a two fold problem.

Enemies for all intensive purpose act like the shield does not exist where on the players end the shield covers a far larger area than what’s visually represented.

Specially designed options that should work against them like the plasma gun or even thunder hammer don’t have enough of an impact or make a big enough opening.

BB and Bolter works well with this but even the bolter sometimes just turns into dumping part of your damage into something immune.

The biggest problem is those bastards getting an out when shooting from above or when they are climbing up. If enemies can just shoot though the shield as if it’s not there then the shield needs to have properly visually represented hitboxing.

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Yeah. I’d rather they have more HP or something, instead of a complete 180° shield, so that careful aim to their exposed areas, or firing from higher ground, is actually rewarded.

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Yeah…the shield hitbox and enemy clipping through each other…are NOT going fixed, like ever.

I admire your pessimism but i think its absolutely. Critical for the game that they be fixed. They actually ruin melee combat.

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:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Also, this is quite class AND weapon specific, It seems to work well as Ogryn with a shovel. I found that if you punch a Bulwark (special attack ofc) just after they attack and miss you (dodge away) you can knock them down as long you hit them during the attack recovery animation.

I can one-shot them with a charged heavy on damnation using my thunder hammer. I find this rewarding.

The problem is that the swing/recovery counter is the only workable solution to bulwarks for most weapons and it is unreliable if there is any other enemy near by, god forbid a second bulwark since his mystical shield aura will also protect the other ogryn.

Okey, maybe, just maybe we need enrage mechanic for ogryns crew. Beside all troubles we know, most of all - they are slow and vulnerable to explosive and this is fine, unless you carry pocket .50 rocket launcher with 15 self-propelled missiles and enough explosive to blow up human body.

So again: Boltgun is OK weapon. And Bulwarks are too vulnerable to it’s stagger, maybe they are not strong enough. Also they never deploy shield as player Ogryn class can. That would be awesome, in case of boltgun counter action.

Imagine: Heroes engaging, ogryns slowly coming in and suddenly their stupid mind realize, one of them is dead. Instant adrenal boost and many dead convicts!

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I agree. We can make bulwarks much tougher to ranged and stagger attacks. We should do the same for Ogryn Sheild and Maul while we are at it.

I do find them incredibly tedious and unfun to fight because you can’t take advantage well of their openings due to their massive shield hitboxes.
And when you get a mixed horde the options are pretty limited, grenades, bolter, TH, dying…

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