Fix the Bulwark hitbox

The shield supposed to block the bullets only on the “shield” part, not all the 50% of the frontal body area. For now, you can only hit it only when you broked their guard or while it is attacking. This is stupidest way to design the monster hitbox.


yeah it’s pretty broken, The Bulkwarks should not be blocking attacks with thin air. Devs need to resize the “armour” hitbox so it matches the shield model.

Works the same way when you are Ogryn, can block everything. Changing bulwark also nerfs Ogryn.

Also, you aren’t supposed to be shooting a bulwark to begin with.

I think they didn’t separate the hitbox since 1 whole hitbox is easier task, lol. How careless they are.

Unless you are using the Boltgun, but you would also like to imagine that when the Bulwark staggers, aka the Shield gets tossed aside, much like the Ogryn when their shield isn’t up, you’d be able to shoot them even frontally, but against the Bulwark, the 180 degree shield it has frontally is really obnoxious. It is even more annoying when you have to try and melee them, but the game still registers the hitbox of the shield instead.

What? You do understand they could change bulwark shield without changing skullbreaker shield? This is code, not some kind of wacky magic spell where the devs have no control.

you supposed to be able to shoot all the body parts when it turns sideway, even arms are being block by it’s shield

You can shoot them when they expose themselves.

I like their challenge as it is.

I know the concept of challenging the shielder but I’m talking about the bad game mechanic design

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I don’t like how when they expose themselves, the actual part where they are hittable has almost nothing to do with where their shield is. It could use some work.


What is a trend on this forum is people not understanding the difference between realism and balance. It’s still a game first, and any sharpshooter with half the hand-eye coordination of an amateur plummer would be able to pop pop pop destroy a Bulwark if only his shield was his shield.

The idea of the Reaper is to kill it from a distance before he pins you down / suppresses you. The idea of the Crusher is to nuke it asap or avoid its slow and massive hits before you have time to nuke it. The idea behind the bulwark is a necessity to stagger and use that opening to kill it.

I don’t have an issue with the bulwark’s front being impervious to damage with his shield up, the problem is that the shield seems to have a 270 degree force field centred on his shield that block attacks even when the shield isn’t in the way directly.from behind you can reliably hurt it. From the side’s it’s a 50-50 chance to hurt it. When it’s staggered with the shield out you have to lean left a bit when hitting it because if you hit it from the front, even with overheads, there’s a chance you’ll still inexplicably get blocked.


Yes, “B A L A N C E” indeed. You can’t shoot at him event facing sideway 90 degree and only at the [back] not head nor arms. Your friend lure it away and you can’t take it down because you have to shoot it only in the back. Are you calling it BALANCE?

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The only trend I’ve noticed is increasingly condescending remarks from people who are convinced they know better than everyone else.

I cleared Damnation a few times with lots of bulwarks last night and have agree with Zaygr. Hitting it from the sides or above is a crapshoot and hitting it from the front when it’s staggered is also a crapshoot with melee. It should be clearer and more intuitive to know where to attack a bulwark at all times because right now the shield covers the front, the sides, the top, and part of the back when he staggers and puts his shield back.

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Yep, that is exactly my issue as well. It is incredibly annoying since even when you bait for the swing, dodge and then attack when the thing is holding its shield away from you, yet it still somehow blocks your attack, it isn’t exactly a skill issue.

The problem mostly comes from netcode combining with the generous hitbox, since many a times I have managed to headshot the Bulwark from the front when its shield goes off, and other times the force field remains up even if the thing is staggered.

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Well, the funny thing about the Reaper is that you can deal with it in more ways than just kill it from a distance. You can just as easily charge it before it can bring the gun to bear and dumpster it. Crushers can be stunlocked with heavy attacks from different weapons, such as Chain weapons, but the Bulwark is inconsistent with its hitbox. A shot to the head that killed it last time might not work the next one, the dodge + swing you pulled off after baiting the slow attack it has let you slice him in two just 2 minutes ago, but now the next one decides that it really doesn’t like that so your attacks are blocked totally from the front and the supposedly exposed side.

Again, the issue is the inconsistency, not balance or even realism, at least not in my eyes. The animation does not match the hitbox, as the shield sometimes does stop blocking frontal hits when he gets staggered and other times it just refuses to get hit.