Bug or glitch that basicly made the game think I’m a cheater

Yes I’ve posted it on the feedback section but I was stressed. Bwain wasn’t wowking

So, this game is realy REALY good, fun gameplay, replayability, interesting caracters and… I had a friend to play with! Great! And one day, I tried to play with him. I started the game, wanted to play with my friend and some other people and here what the game said to me : “You’re not authorise to be connected. Or the other instance is considerate suspect by the anti-cheat system” Who basicly mean that eather I or my friend is cheating. He can play with randoms but I can’t. He’s allowed to use his forge but I Don’t and whenever I try to get a price from Okri… The game shut down. I’m speaking to maybe the dev team or someone who could do Something because it is a game that I love and to think that the game spotted me as a cheater is stupid. I will sincerly owned you a beer or Something… The point is : please help me, it is ruining the game for me and I Don’t know why.

It sounds a lot like you’re accidentally playing on the modded realm, as opposed to the normal realm. This can be checked within the launcher, above the ‘Play’ button. :slight_smile:


Omg I WILL kiss you when I’ll stop baching my head against the wall for my stupidity

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