Hacked server in standard Realm

I was playing in the standard realm, as I always do, and I connected to a player who’s keep was…
<Snipped by Lev>

As an aside, I’ve been suffering from the really bad ping issue recently (it’s affecting Vermintide 1 as well) if you can pull anything out of this log.

console-2021-01-04-07.26.23-1fa52870-ef1b-43fe-856b-6bcf71396d7f.log (704.9 KB)

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Block them on Steam and report profile for cheating.

They are using the <Snipped by Lev> and offering Weave carries to 160 for money.

I had joined 2 of them in the last month and noticed my screen was flashing and hearing the healing voice lines over and over. There was also a really weird and long System message playing every minute.

I asked what was going on and the person with the unusual characters in their replied, “pay for weave.”

I left immediately, blocked and reported them.

Thank you for the report! I’ve passed the info along for review.

As SirKruber has already suggested above, I highly recommend blocking the players on Steam. Easy Anti-Cheat will very likely detect and pick this up very soon, if not already.

As to the bad ping, there is a known issue since the Engineer update causing connectivity problems for Vermintide 2, which we are investigating. Though… you say it is also affecting Vermintide 1, which suggests there may be an issue on your end.

Are you experiencing this solely with Vermintide games?


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