'Brute Brainer' Weapon Special Blocked by Carapace Armor

-Equip Brute Brainer shovel
-Punch Crusher with weapon special
-Notice blue no damage hit marker and no effect unless it criticals

Testing this in the meat grinder it actually applies to all carapace armors, but the staggers still apply if you hit a mauler in the head or reaper/shield in the armor. But no damage, unlike the knife punch.

Seems to be an unmentioned change, lowering the armor penetration down to 0 makes the stagger effect useless because they don’t react to the hit.


A real shame too because the Punch is the only reason to use the Shovel over the Bully Club. Club has higher damage, higher cleave, and pretty sure its faster too.

Shovel is the happy middle ground of Ogryn melees, the horde clear is much better than billy club and it can get brutal monentum. You don’t cry fighting maniacs or carapace armor like with a knife. Its honestly my favorite ogryn melee. And this bug hurts it a lot, I wonder what Impact breakpoint you need for heavy attacks to do the same thing until they fix this.