Brogryns, share with me your slab shield secrets

So, what do you do to not only protec’ da lil’ uns as well as you can, but also yourselves? I want to become actually good with this, so I’m asking for tips and advices. I recently discovered that you can cancel the third light comboi hit with a block or special attack to go right back into sweeping, something that helped me out a bit. But the more I know, the better, so yeah, what do a brogryn do to krump da filthy uns’ as best as possibal?


Best way is to just practice, reading tactics will only get you so far, but you could also watch some high level gameplay by a really good player. maybe youll learn some tricks

The most import’t thing is to stay out da way while da shooty ones are going, the lil uns are not as smart as ogryn, they allways shoot u in da back, but if u stand next to a wall then the lil ones can use u as cover.
And when the really shooty baddies are de’d u walk to the baddies with your shield up and than sup… suppr… Uhm… s’prise bull rush right out of guard.
This really works for me when there is only puny size cover and me shooting with my gun is ouchy for m’self.


Step 1: Stop using the shield because it’s mediocre at best.

Step 2: Acquire rumbler/grenadier gauntlet.

Step 3: In time you would spend cosplaying as a mimic wall instead knock enemies around with grenades.

Step 4: Faceroll damnation.


Agreed. Don’t be the guy on damnation that walks in front of your firing line, plants his shield, and does nothing else including watching his own back.

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watching a planted ogryn just stand there with two bombers up

watches him slowly burn to death


If you must use your shield, your job is to use heavy 1 → block cancel → heavy 1 over and over to keep enemies staggered. It’s the same mentality as shield weapons in VT2. If you see an opening to do damage, you can go from Heavy 1 into Heavy 2.

The light attacks are pretty much reserved for attacking specific single enemies.

I would have to agree. @gordonz88 I prefer an Ogryn to be shooting or using their melee weapon.

And for those that say, but the shield can solo tank the daemonhost! I grow tired.


If you ignore the big ole dose of corruption you get from it, it’s basically a free kill!

*Kill may include lethal amounts of death. NO REFUNDS.

EDIT: On a more serious note, just gonna leave this longer post I made recently:

To offer another POV as somebody doing Damnation (with PUGs even): Shield is massively overrated and kind of a crutch with how a lot of people use it IMO. (The number of ogryns I see just plod up and plonk down with their special up with the shield and do nothing else is way too high) There’s very rare occasions where I might want it, but on the whole I pretty much never miss it. You can still tank perfectly fine with cleavers/clubs/shovels, though it’s pretty important to get confident strike and/or momentum on your weapon to help with sustain. Depending on your playstyle I really don’t like the two heavy attack feats for ogryn and find a shitload more value in buffing the entire team’s passive toughness regen. (Combine it with the 50% coherency radius increase as well) My personal favorite cleaver is the bull butcher III or as a backup the Krouk… VI. I just don’t find the opportunity cost payoff of a shield worth the loss of time spent lobbing grenades or slapping things around with your melee.

That said I’d highly, highly recommend getting a rumbler or grenadier gauntlet. I go back and forth on preference, the rumbler is probably better overall but the gauntlet is more fun. Learning when to shoot grenades at people’s feet to save them from getting swarmed and learning how to bounce grenades to deny poxbursters (Clip is on damnation. Ignore me just slapping around enemies for funsies right after :D) makes a huge difference to your team’s survivability. Grenades are the king of CC and you can use them constantly. Frequently while the team is moving between points I’ll just shoot rumbler shots straight down to bounce around anything following us. Being able to keep enemies on their asses is pretty important to tanking/supporting as ogryn and rumbler is best at that.

tl;dr: Shields aren’t a requirement at all for higher difficulties. If somebody tells you they are, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re not bad by any means, but if you don’t like them, don’t use them.


Nothing is a better counter to daemonhost than having enough team DPS. Thank you for preaching this. It’s not even like it’s easy to get the daemonhost to switch aggro. What are the odds it even goes for the Ogryn first if it’s getting activated on accident? Offense always makes the best defense in the Tide games except for very special circumstances.


Like others have said, the shield just doesn’t cut it imo.
Specing for toughness on heavy hit perk and using shield push and heavy attacks might work, but I’ve found you’re much more prone to losing the mission when you’re doing such little damage and being less useful swinging that shield around.

Most classes are competent enough to survive on difficult missions without having a shielded ogryn blocking stuff for them… so you might as well go for a less risky way of staggering, Rumpler/grenadier, or using Rippergun which has been nice on rank4s, at least for me.

then grabbing a good melee weapon with the innate toughness on multi-hit perk. I’ve been using Butt Cleaver (or is it bull?) and with that set up I can just rush into a pack and swing away and come out alive. I usually switch to the double toughness in coefficency instead and just go for light attacks.

The only scary thing at the moment would be ranged enemies scattered over a large area, as you won’t be getting toughness for smacking their heads… So it might be worth switching the toughness regen to heavy single hit toughness perk. But so far I’ve been using bullrush and rippergun in those situations and just eating the health damage it might cost. since +hp curios can kind of cover those situations.

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My VT2 shield combo is H1>push>H1, but that doesn’t work so well in DT because of how stamina is, and feels really clunky compared to how VT does it. Going to have to try yours out.

Well, that’s just misleading.
Heavy 1 comes out slow and hits hard, but with the exception of crushers, heavy 2 will still stagger basically everything you’ll see. Light 1 -Heavy 2 is your chain for big mobs; Heavy 1 is for mulching lone bruisers or riflemen, the Heavy 1-block cancel loop is basically just for crushers, and heavy 1-shove attack is your cycle for ragers and maulers.
Special is only useful for when your stamina is about to hit zero (usually from a gunner) or for blocking Sniper shots. Any other time, you’ll want to advance normally to one side or the other, only raising your shield when you see muzzle flash.

EDIT for clarity: I run toughness on multihit and bleed on heavy/DR on bleed. This makes horde chip damage trivial. A different talent setup may call for more shoving and dodging when managing hordes.


Sure, I trust you. I honestly don’t play ogryn much. This is just what I’ve learned from my friends who play ogryn on damnation while I play zealot.

My point is, don’t just set your shield down and stop moving.

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I’ll try to remember to record my next random damnation run (I also like to think it’s a bit more realistic versus some people who make recommendations while playing solely with a 4 stack, I only play my ogryn with 1 other friend), I technically have like… 3/4th of one recorded but it also crashed midway through on top of joining a bit in progress. (Not much but meh) I was also using a club which I’ve grown to hate because the game really didn’t wanna give me a decent weapon with confident strike. Thankfully I gambled on some crafting and made this which is my new precious baby.

EDIT: On the note of talents feats (Totally different, we swear), this is what I personally do, I’ve briefly messed with bleed/bleed damage resistance but dislike how situational it can be. It also actively works against your talents like confident strike/momentum. This has been the most reliable setup I’ve used so far. Level 25 talent is pretty whatever on the whole and largely can be personal preference, I’ve been going back and forth between payback time and unlimited cleave. (Hard sell on unlimited cleave depending on weapon as ogryn weapons are already very good at cleaving on the whole, it does help when dealing with armor though) Similar for the level 30 talent, though I like the toughness regen for an extra emergency button. Not really a wrong option on either of those tiers IMO. The bleed on charge is only really useful with the bleed damage resistance though. (The actual damage is terrible)

Obviously I’m not the absolute authority nor do I think this is the only way to play/use ogryn, it’s just been the most effective for me, both in terms of fun and overall effectiveness/carrying capability.


That’s a mighty fine tanky cleaver. I was wondering if they could roll two recovery blessings at once.

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Yeah I wasn’t expecting it myself, I generally have bad luck (It took a week and a half or so of checking a lot just to get a base version that wasn’t terrible. So, so many ripper guns in my shop. shudder) I just happened to get one with confident strike that I upgraded from green so I decided to keep gambling on it/upgrading it and was shocked when I got momentum too.

Going from that club (Which like I said, I’m not a huge fan of, the only good feeling part of the club is the push attacks and initial heavy attack bonk on armored things) to the cleaver has been night and day and basically turned it from me burning out on my ogryn back to having fun with it again. Next on my list is getting a rumbler that actually has a blessing. (Ideally rending of some kind)

Positioning for your teammates is key.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the action and forgetting to position yourself and the enemies so your teammates can kill them (faster than you can).
Makes you a good tankgryn.

It’s a thankless job.
Also you can really easily rescue your teammates, do that.

As other have said, the shield isn’t the most optimal weapon for all situations because other weapons are better at quickly killing things. However, as a fellow shield aficionado, here are my tips for heresy+…

  1. Unbind weapon special. Shield’s special is terrible and reinforces suboptimal playstyles.
  2. Control space by getting in the face of enemies, prioritising balls of ranged enemies.
  3. Grenadier gauntlet is your swiss-army knife. It’s a tank buster. It’s a sniper rifle. It’s an AOE stagger. Get imaginative with it and get good with it.

Lets face it, the slab shield weapon does next to zero single-target damage to anything bigger than trash. Your feats are key to getting anything done with it. I use 333122 to enable a super-tanky, super aggressive damage-over-time crowd control playstyle.

Hesitation leads to defeat. Get in the face of the most dangerous looking ball of ranged enemies ASAP (ideally before they even notice you) and abuse stagger, line of sight and toughness regen to keep them engaged until everything is dead or your team is ready to chip in. Just remember that your team will have to fight whatever you leave them with, so if you leave them with a bunch of stuff in their faces you’ll be waiting a lot longer for support.

You’re a bulldozer. Act like it.

I got a Rending 3 Rumbler that I’m pretty happy with. I haven’t put too much time trying to kit out my Ogryn yet, despite it being where I started.