Brass knuckles for Slayer

Titel - make it happen pls!
(I know its not in the lore but it would be awesome!)

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I had a discussion with a dev in V1 looong ago and asked for brass knuckles weapons. The answer was simple, they strictly follow the lore.

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Well, if they go so strictly for lore I want Night Vision for Bardin in the dark mine map.
Dwarfs have night vision in Warhammer!

Night Vision
Description: You can see extremely well in natural darkness at
distances up to 30 yards. This talent doesn’t work in total
darkness, requiring illumination equivalent to starlight to

The light from the cart or from sienna should be enough to make a dwarf see everything in the darkness 30 yards away.


Oh that sounds interesting indeed.

I would gave my favorite Axe for it!

Don’t really know what it means that they “follow the lore” and that would speak against weapons like brass knuckles. Does that mean there are no brass knuckles in the WH universe? Does that mean that no Slayer in the history of the WH universe EVER used brass knuckles? Does it mean there are no units in the tabletop that use em? The former two i find very unlikely and the latter a bit daft. Fighting bare handed or with very minimal weaponry would actually be something a very veteran Slayer WOULD do.