Bountys upon you!

it would be cool if like the plague god would send elite champions at players at times, like a random bounty out of the blue on a map, and the nurgle god gives a whisper to you as in you’ve been chosen for his champions to attack a certain hero which they will end up sending 3 to 4 champions that go for and you alone.

these elite champions are like elite armored chaos warriors that have specific elite pack buffs that make them a little different than other normal armored choas warriors.

the list of buffs a elite pack can have which is only one but you don’t know which one:

  1. the elite pack that shares HP and has a slight more HP, indication they have ropes/ metal chains tied to each other waist and once they HP is all shared and done with they still take one hit each to finish off, this will make the elite pack good vs people who wasted their ults or who don’t have finishing ults and would take longer to kill.

  2. rotting elite pack armored chaos warriors that have flies around them and rotting flesh, that does up close aoe damage and once they die they leave a dame overtime gas around them for a few secs.

  3. a elite pack with CC immunity, and stagger immunity etc…

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