Bounty Hunter Locked and Loaded Shotgun Pellet Mass Modifier

BH Locked and Loaded Shotgun Pellet have hit_mass_multiplier = 0.1 in the weapon templates since 1.3. However it does not work at all, causing the current BH shotgun to cleave significantly fewer enemies.
Currently it is the only shotgun without a correctly functioning Mass Modifier, all the other shotgun pellets have Linesman.
It’s not only a bug fix but also helps some underwhelming talent, especially Indiscriminate Blast. Currently w/o crit and additional pellets, this talent only kill up to 4 full health Maulers on Cataclysm. By making hit_mass_multiplier = 0.1 work properly, it can kill up to 32 full health Maulers.


Good work finding the bug, bud. Still probably gonna be an awful talent, but that should at least help a bit.


I just want to see one day in dwons bh oneshot all chaos horde and teammates :slight_smile:


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