Bots should have a shorter teleport range

Bots should have a shorter teleport range by about 30%.

At first I just wanted to report GN bot remaining on the ledge at the first tome in Screaming Bell.
But actually I could make a lot of similar pictures with stuck bots on various maps.
A shorter teleport range could quick-fix several such situations.

Ah, and yeah, I need to wait a lot until a bot takes the mentioned first tome. In my case Saltz got stuck in the building and wasn’t able to walk to the window. So I ordered GN to take it who finally did.

what about this one?


Related mod:

Change the distance at which bots start teleporting to the player. The range can be set from 5 to 100. 1 Unit is roughly 2 medpacks long. Default game value is 40. Mod default is 10.

That’s not an approved mod. Only approved mods can be used in the official realm.


I didn’t say it was sanctioned. I linked it in hopes that Fatshark notice and add its functionality to the base game.

Cut bot teleportation range to half and make bots pick up items like they do with books (where it very often teleport in their invertory

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