Bots Don't Attack Specials


I tried the new patch 4.2 , bots ignore specials
it is very unbalanced and hard if you play as grail knight or slayer bardin,
it would be great if bots attack specials

pc steam

Do you mean “sometimes” because bots not attacking specials is demonstrably false

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Never, all bots ignore all specials always
as though there were no specials at all or they were invisible

Ok can confirm I am definitely not experiencing the same. Only done 1 legend into the nest since patch and both my BoP WHC bot and fireball UC seemed more capable at dealing with specials if anything. Also seemed better at dodging hookrats but that’s pretty tangential and only saw the situation arise once in that run.

On the other hand WHC bot got absolutely destroyed by a lone (literally nothing else around) rat ogre which seemed very unusual. He ate just about every attack it threw at him…

Have experienced the complete opposite. Bots are pretty competent in taking out specials now, they also shoot leeches sometimes, instead of running to melee them.

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