Bots are still ignoring pick up item / take ammo commands after todays patch

-Bot commands such as pick up item and take ammo are not working correctly for the host even after the update patch this afternoon, its working more just not 100%.

It takes upwards of 4 pings (usually 4 pings as i have tested it) to get a bot to do anything which is very problematic, when i asked my friends in different groups if they saw any of the bot commands they said they couldnt see anything in chat.

Further note: It appears the bot commands for picking up items and taking ammo are completely broken for clients now instead of being completely broken for the host, although needing to spam 4 times as a host isnt a fix.

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@CallMeCC, the recent patch didn’t include a fix for this particular issue yet - but we’re working on it!

Oh? Why did it start suddenly working after the patch but in less of a broken manner? 4 pings is better than it not working at all like i said in the OP.

I’ll take your word for it Lev, you’re doing a good job on the forums acknowledging all these bugs.


@CallMeCC It’s possible a couple things have been tweaked. I’d wager to do with…
“Bots should now drop Grimoires if instructed to.”

…but full fix hopefully to come soon! :grin:


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