Bot suggestions to fix them and make them more immersive (possibly adding features)

on legend that is not as huge of a problem as it is on cata. when chaos warriors have double health than their legend versions and the bots arent able to dodge more then one attack at a time then it basically becomes you alone against a patrol. stormvermin patrol isnt that bad as long as you are prepared, but when iron breaker bot pulls it throw a wall while there is a horde and monster around then it is a bit difficult to survive.

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Ironbreaker pulling a patrol is perfect. I’ve killed Chaos patrols on Cataclysm with just bots, during a horde, as FK with sword & shield. IB just holds everything for 15s, Zealot then gets huddled and refuses to die, Unchained pumps tHP, I get to just beat on everything. It’s nice.

Yea using as bait, thats the strat. you use bots to just take aggro away from you.

My opinion is that stronger bot are not really needed. We need useful ones who are not simples running around chasing any skirt they see and that when it’s the moment, stand still staring at the infinite.

I like the idea of having some archetypes coded. Maybe something along the lines of Ranged, Assassin, Frontline and Tanks?

Only the ranged careers would snipe specials and use some of their ammo and ults on bosses. Assassins would focus heavily on bosses and elites. Frontline would focus on crowd control, clearing hordes, protecting ranged careers while shooting? And Tanks would focus on aggroing bosses, elites, patrols and crowd control if none of those are present.

This I think would create an experience more similar to playing with actual people, and would fix some of these issues as well


Agree with everyone and everything said, fix those damn bots.

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