Bot Pathing on two missions

Issue Description:
The Hourglass: Bots get stuck in the elevator in the final portion and if they get free crouch/walk for the remainder of the climb until the roof and upon death will respawn at the bottom of the tower

Hab Dreyko: Bots slip off the curved pipe on the escape at the end of the level

Steps to Reproduce:
Reach the final segment of respective missions with bots

Mission Name (If Applicable):
The Hourglass + Hab Dreyko


Reproduction Rate:

The Hourglass issue is close to 100% Constant, Hab Dreyko is about 80% Often. Sometimes the bots get by the dangerous portion of the pipe

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Image of the issue on Hab Dreyko

Image of a bot getting stuck in the Hourglass elevator, moving around can get them unstuck.

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