Boon Djaf Harvest (rare)

Djaf harvest (rare): currently to get the effect, you have to give 3 consecutive melee shots in to the head, this is very difficult even with weapons like rapier or exe sword, and the effect is really very difficult to obtain, nobody aims 3 times consecutive to the head in the middle of a horde of goats.

  • I propose to change it to: “Djaf harvest” (unique), when hit 10 / 15 headshots (melee and ranged) you increase your power by 10% for 10 seconds. Headshots stack and if you hit elsewhere you don’t lose stacks.
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What do you mean with “nobody aims 3 times consecutive to the head in the middle of a horde of goats.”?

You should always aim for the head, with every weapon.


The buff lasts quite long also, 15 seconds iirc, so its uptime is very good. It’s not that hard to get 3 consecutive headshots, specially in a horde.

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On some weapons it’s definitely very hard to get, on others you get it automatically. I don’t think it’s bad to encourage headshots - they’re important - but some weapons have very awkward headshot angles.

There are other boons that work badly with specific weapons however, e.g. any of the on reload/ammo pickup ones on moonfire bow.


Not all boons work equally well against all factions, i find that one practically passively active whenever fighting skaven or northlanders.

The only ones it takes more effort with is the goats…


That being said though, to be fair I like your option a lot too.
A simple incremental counter without a timer attached makes the boon more inclusive (of weapons and of skill), I think, without hurting the way it is now.

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