Headhunter does what?

Confusing ability imo…

Just got a lasrifle with the headhunter ability:
“2% Critical Chance on Weak Spot Hit until your next Critical Hit. Stacks 5 times.”


Is it triggered by Weak Spot Hits or is it increased critchance on weakspots?
How can it stack if it only lasts till the next crit?

Not sure what you’re confused about, this is one of the few traits that actually clearly explains what it does. Each time you hit a weak spot, your critical chance increases by 2%. This will stack up to 5 times and those stacks will last until you actually proc a critical hit, at which point the crit bonus resets. Of course, knowing Fatshark it’s probably not working properly or the description is just lying to you, but yeah that’s what it seems to do.

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You have Weak Spots (headshot) and you have Critical Chance as two seperate systems.

Hitting a Weak Spot with this trait, gives you 2% bonus Critical Chance. That’s one stack, it stacks to 5.
So this will give you 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10% bonus Critical Chance, once you get a crit, it resets the stacks.

Lol, yeah guess i misinterpreted… almost every proc in v2 was on crit so I just supposed this was too :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile other traits give you 13% power on hit stacking 5 times :smiley: