Boltgun Doubletap

When firing the boltgun (on Veteran at least) from the hip, the boltgun fires two shots on a single click rather than one, due to the automatic fire. However when ADS, it fires just one.

This makes the boltgun burn through it’s ammo twice as fast as you really want if you use it against mobs; as it tends to kill non elites/specialists in a single shot. Often the second shot is just wasted, forcing use of ADS.

Could the boltgun hip-fire have the same shot pattern as the ADS?


I would also really appreciate it if that burst fire was gone. Or at least if there was another bolter variant without it.


more variants would be cool
personally i find the hip fire kicks like a mule and the second shot usually hits something else if fired into a pack at medium range.

im not sure why you would want the hip fire to get the ads patern that would seem to make the issue worse? im guessing you meant to say the same ads semi auto fire rate.

A fire select switch would be nice, but I’d rather keep it like it is than have it only single shot. The way boltgun is now it effectively has single shot, burst and full auto. All of which can be useful depending on the situation.

All semiauto weapons seem to have the issue where sometimes it would double-tap faster than what its fire rate would allow. Most visible when using the default lasgun.

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Burst fire is a waste of ammo in most games.

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Well in my experience, hipfire always does a burst fire of two shots
ADS while be automatic can easily fire a single shot, or hold to fire more.

I just want the ability to always fire just a single shot when I want to.

It’s an implementation of the tabletop mechanics. In the tabletop game, bolters have the “rapid fire” weapon type that makes them fire twice as many shots at close range, which is why it fires in fast full-auto from the hip but slower semi-auto when aimed in this game.

Your only choice is to quick scope for one target.

There is a way to cheese it, and only fire one, just press the left click to fire, then right away hit the right click to bring into your ADS, it will cancel the second around.

While you likely aren’t wrong with that line of reasoning, I find it silly that a mechanic used to simulate automatic fire in a turn based game would be implemented in a real time first person shooter. The game isn’t turn based, rapid fire is just holding the trigger. In my dumb opinion it feels clunky and weird in game.