Bögenhafen - BoRgenhafen?

Yeah, this is the least of our worries at the moment, but it really makes me flinch whenever I hear it pronounced as BoRgenhafen…
German people, please correct me if I’m getting this wrong… When you have an umlaut such as “ö”, you set your lips like you wanna say “u” but instead you say “o”. So it should be more “BOUgenhafen” than “BoRgenhafen”. Or there’s some special grammar case when umlaut becomes a consonant?

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Lohner is a northern English accent kind of guy. They add “R”'s into places there should not be. .e.g.

“Drawing” - DrawRing"

“Sawing” - “SawRing”

Not saying it doesn’t annoy the hell out of me, but it’s probably just a consequence of the accent.

Google translate select German (Deutsch) type Bögenhafen and listen. Almost perfect the computer sometimes stretches haaaffen for no reason.

It stretches the word for every 2nd time you play it, it does it with every word as way of stressing the pronunciation. But yeah, there you go, bOUgenhafen, proper Reikspiel :smiley:

Well… it’s Swedish as well lol. But I wouldn’t say it in Swedish, extremely rude, prolly ban worthy if you translated it to english and someone took a screenshot xD

The ö is pronounced a bit like the “ea” in earn.

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It makes me happy that other people have noticed this as well

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