Blood for the Emporer! Skulls for the Golden Throne! (Need to hear it more.)

Blood for the Emporer! Skulls for the Golden Throne!

Need to hear it more. One of the most amusing lines in the game, so much so when I made my Zealot I made a discount sister of battle with the scottish voice.

But, I ‘think’ it’s attached to the rush ult? "fury of the faithful’?

I mostly use the relic ult, since it’s a team boost, AOE stun, super OP awesome ult.

And I’m not hearing my favorite line as much.

Can anything be done?

Found a example on youtube, just in case it’s needed.

Moving like Khorne, we get it back in blood :speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head::fire::fire::fire::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::100::100::100::drop_of_blood::drop_of_blood::drop_of_blood:

Not just attached to the Ability, but also a Personality thing. I believe you need to have either Agitator or Fanatic as Personality. It is, afair, a case much like the “My Precious” of one of the Psyker personalities.

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One of those bordeline to heresy Death Cultists I believe :smiley:

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True. Thus:

So you are exactly right, but that’s taken into account. I don’t want to lose the best part of my discount sister of battle’s personality as my build evolves!

Yes, it’s the battle cry for Fury of the Faithful.
If you take one of the other ults you won’t hear it anymore (unless another team mate uses that particular combination).

I do love that voice line and the voice actress’ perfomance. And luckily I find FotF very useful so I keep hearing that battle cry regularly. :slight_smile:


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