Blood for the Emperor, skulls for the golden throne Line

Can someone tell me, is that phrase common for all Fanatics (Voice), or it is effect of some chosen legend of the character?

I hear it a lot in games I’m in. Bugs me a bit that they used a battle cry of khorne for the imperial zealot though.

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I mean he was arrested for a reason… and when my friends and I heard it we were wondering if he’s really serving the emperor… or someone else.


He has to have misplaced faith backstory

If that’s true it’s brilliant.

Dereliction of duty works, too. Maybe it is a Voice feature. Or maybe a bug.

Fit for a summary execution, who did his paperwork?

I can hear all but Saltzpyre screaming Heresy! from V2.

IDK I could never get that line to play for my zealot until i picked one of the backstories made me sad because it was one of my favorites