Blightstormer instant kill

Issue Summary: Map: Hunger in the Dark. We were crossing the bridge after the event biletroll was killed, but there was a Blightstormer lurking nearby. I have already crossed the bridge and was standing next to the door where the troll comes out of (a small deadend with a door). I heard the Blightstormer casting and saw the green circle of the storm and it all seemed to originate from this little deadend. I also heard the chanting from there, so all things indicadated that he was inside.

Well, turns out he wasn’t and he finished casting the storm. I was standing exactly on the threshold of this door, with the storm starting underneath me. I died instantly from close to full permanent health. Instagibbed. I think this was due to the terrain (door + deadend area from whence the biletroll comes) being mostly decoration and the storm more or less instalty propelled me outside the map and killed me (although there was no such visual indication, I just fell over dead).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. After crossing the bridge from the cart, stand in the doorway from where the Biletroll comes at the final event on Hunger in the Dark.
  2. Have a Blightstormer cast on your location and wait for it to start.
  3. Die a horrible and inexplicable death.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Additional Information: this is probably terrain related and since it’s really hard to reproduce on regular games. Might be easier with mods and stuff, but I don’t dabble in forbidden sorcery.

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