Blightreaper - Dying in a place where bots cannot reach you

Issue Summary:
I got instantly pounced by a silent assassin while trying to complete the challenge Insurance Premium on the Blightreaper map. The assassin rat actually pushed me off the ledge but by the time the bots got to me, I had been downed. When that happened, my body floated back up onto the ledge. The bots were unable to reach me and just stood in the corner to watch me die

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console-2018-11-20-11.13.55-51D288B8-4D9B-4A3D-9257-52EE.log (2.0 MB)

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This is what makes the game unplayable. Creating challenges and jumping puzzles that are not only unreachable to bots but cannot path to you when you get pounced by a silent assassin rat. There was no enemies around and no sounds/audio cues and it instantly spawned right on top of me.

EDIT: This was a quickplay match but had to host as their were no available games and no one had joined during the duration of the mission.

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