Blazing Echo: What Does It Do?

It sounds like it gives you a free ult if you do a critical hit with your ult. It ‘Refunds its cooldown’.
But in all my time playing Sienna, I have never got a free ult…So either I’m understanding it wrong, or it RARELY ults?

Then I would say you have terrible luck especially on Pyromancer. Generally, you understood the talent correctly. If you cast Burning Head and Burning Head is causing a critical hit, it will instantly fill up your career skill bar to 100 %.

Considering that you can have up to 40 % critical hit chance on Pyromancer you either seem to belong to the chosen ones living on the outskirts of a gaussian bell function or there is currently a bug I am not aware of.


Thank you :slight_smile:
And yeah; I have pretty bad luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s unreliable since they changed the crit system to help out low crit careers at the expense of high crit ones. Basically you want to micro manage the use of it somewhere after your last crit and before your next one, since if you just had a critical hit and use the skull immediately after it’s almost guaranteed to not crit again. I would rather they replace Blazing Echo with Burning Twins from forever ago and lower the skull cooldown back to 40s since Pyro isn’t very good nor is this ult on par with the elf Trueshot Volley. Not even mentioning the CDR talents.

Trueflight is pretty crappy normally too, frequently just bugs out and hits nothing but chaff mobs or all the arrows go to 1 elite. And even with 20% CDR the cooldown is still 64 seconds to the pyro baseline 60.

Trueflight also has pretty bad superarmor and boss damage and a lock-on that disengages in 0,3 to 0.5 seconds.

…Of course this is when its not bugging with bloodshot.

They tweaked psuedo random distribution so it can’t be manipulated like you’re saying.
The game keeps track of each attack separately now.

It’s more reliable now.
You’ll get a guaranteed dupe within x amount of ults depending on your crit chance.
The highest base dupe chance is 30.2% (50% crit chance build) and will increase by 30.2% every non dupe.

They could drop the cooldown to 40s and add innate crit chance to burning head or to Blazing Echo.
(55% crit chance to guarantee a dupe within every 3 ults)