Pyromancer Crit Rate w/ burning head and blazing echo

By my calculations my Pyromancer should have a crit rate of:

5% Base
30% from Critical Mass
10% from Spirit-Casting.
10% from equipment.
= 55% total crit rate.

Doing a bit of statistics to calculate the expected chance of getting x number of ults from Blazing Echo, I get:

45% chance of 1 ult
45% * 55% = 24.75% chance of 2 ults
45% * 55%^2 = 13.61% chance of 3 ults
45% * 55%^3 = 7.48% chance of 4 ults
55%^4 = 9.15% chance of 5 ults or more

But, in practice it seems like I’m getting 3-5 ults way more frequently than these stats suggest. Especially considering Spirit-Casting isn’t on 100% of the time when things get rough. This is happening w/o WHC or Huntsman in my party. I’m curious if there’s something like a hidden +10% crit rate on Burning Head?

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The system for landing crits was switched to pseudo-random a while ago, so it may have something to do with that. If anything, it was a bit of a nerf to the blazing echo build. Chain critting was more frequent before the change.

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Actually its 5% from equipment, because ult is its own weapon so your normal held weapon dont count for it,

Did some tests and I can’t really see that the crit rate for burning head alone w/o any other bonuses is above 5%. Maybe it is just the weirdness of the PRNG seeming to give more consistent 2-4ish hits.

Good point. It does seem like the weapon gets applied if you are at fairly long range and have time to draw the weapon out though. The distance is around from the dirt pile at the bottom of the stairs in front of the damage dummy. Not going to test that it works with crit rate but at that distance +power vs. infantry does start to work.

Good to know that I can take off +5% crit rate from my dagger and change it to +30% block.

Damage etc will apply but crit is rolled on attack not on hit. Thats why dot damage change if you have different properties on weapons.

If you use an attack at long range though you don’t get credit for “critting” until the attack hits.

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